Keeping Peace #1

There is just one thing about Clement which keeps Stephnie crestfallen. He is that good man with a behavioural handicap; an eye for his consort’s earnings.

When he asked for her month’s salary on 31st January, barely a month after their wedding, she gave him. He had said he was broke due to wedding expenses and promised to pay back in no time. She was willing to support him as her better-half. But when he did it the second time and said it had to be that way, Stephnie went limp. He didn’t show such unwelcoming trait during courtship. She didn’t see it coming.

She works in the bank as an accountant and he works as a Petroleum Engineer in an oil company. His earning is five times more than hers and is sufficient enough to cover their expenses and surplus for savings. She is willing to support him but not in this way.

Stephnie’s mother often says that since Clem takes good care of her every need and covers every other household expenses, she should not bother.

“I know his type, just hand him the money whenever he asks for it. After all, whatever belongs to you belongs to him and vice versa. If that’s the price you have to pay to keep peace with him, pay it, it’s worth it in the end. Strive for peace with him” her mother had said.

It’s hard to do but Stephanie had to try hard to work with her mum’s advice for another whole year, hoping Clem would change but he is still the same. It’s now worse because he has started spying on her too to find out if she has any other side business going on and to find out if her salary has been increased.

“What? How could you allow him to do that to you?” Stephnie’s friend, Amaka had asked when she opened up to her.

“He buys everything for me though,” Stephnie had stammered.

“Look, I don’t care if he buys the whole world for you. Stand up and fight for your right now. Tell him politely that you won’t continue. Period. Not kneeling, no begging, it’s your money. Your money. You know what? It’s human for him to take a part of that money from you if he must, but inhuman to take the whole thing. I know you love and respect him but please don’t be dumb.”

“I’ll talk to him,” Stephanie had smiled and Amaka had wondered why bad things happen to good people.

That evening, Stephanie sat with Clem, poured out her mind in a respectful manner, but got the shock of her life.

To be continued……


Keeping Peace is a story based on real life.