Odd Fate #4

It was 5:32 pm same day, Mary’s father lay unconscious in the hospital bed at Eko General Hospital with oxygen mask over his nose. His neck was secured with braces and right leg heavily bandaged and raised above the rest of his body.

Mary’s mother sat by his side crying softly. Her tears flowed like a fountain. She was at the verge of losing the two most important people in her life, and her mothers consoling remarks were like a fishinghook drawing at her heart. She would rather have her muted.

She had been barricaded from running away to the Atlantic Ocean to a be part of her daughter’s rescue and as she sat by her husband, her only resort at that moment was The Holy Bible she was holding on her left palm, on this she placed her husband’s pale left palm and the following words she kept whispering to The Invisible, “please save them. Please save them.”

Some members of the extended family, close friends and few well-wishers (those who were not strong enough to make it to the ocean, about eleven of them in total) waited at the Eko general hospital reception area. They held their chins in their palm – a sympathetic gesture born out of saddeness incurred by the sudden unfortunate event.

They whispered prayers for his survival and that of his only child-Mary.

One hour passed and Mary’s mother appeared through one the doors at the reception area and they all stood to hear the news. Uncertainty tugged at their their appearance.

“My husband has come back.” she announced.

They all jumped up in excitement before realising the pain in their legs and ache of their waists.

“But my daughter Mary hasn’t been found as at the time I spoke with the team leader.” she said and started sniffing.

Those without staff had their hands folded across their chests and they all whispered prayers and consolations as they followed her to welcome Captain Gregory back to earth.