Odd Fate #5

6: 30 pm, after hours of intense combing of the ocean depth for Mary and the Strange Man, and with darkness taking over the arena, the search team was at the verge of giving up for the day.

It would mean that Captain Gregory’s only child had been drowned in the massive ocean and coming back the next day, would be to look for their remains.

But fortunately the management of Ocean Star, the company Captain Gregory worked in had organised a night search team to take over from where they stopped and the search had continued.

Thousands of miles away, the news had reached a small community market just like many other places that same evening, that a boy and a girl were carried by demon whirlwind and dumped in Lagos Atlantic ocean. Some said they were lost forever while some said they were still being searched for

Those who heard it kept wringing their hands quite upset and afraid for their own lives. It’s a rare occurrence they said. Something out of the ordinary.

“This is strange. Things happen in our time that the ear could hear and burst.” one woman said.

“They might have done something abominable. The wind doesn’t carry people like that and the sea doesn’t swallow people for nothing,” the second woman said and everyone nodded in affirmative.

A passer-by who overheard her said, “Thats unkind words woman! It could happen to any one of us. Do not blame people’s misfortune on their wrongdoing. Be kind. What happened was just a rare natural disaster and they’re the victims.”

“But such whirlwind……storm or whatever they call it doesn’t happen as such in this part of the world. Why did it happen and why did it carry the particular lady and man to the Atlantic? To the Atlantic!” She argued while the passer-by continued on her way.

A middle-aged man, a buyer stood there waiting for some seller’s attention and shook his head when she was done.

“Women! That’s why I’m not married yet. Their tongue had been my problem,” he teased and his brother laughed.

“There are exceptions Mark. Don’t discourage me now.” his brother, who had seen his lost rib at fifty-one said.


Before dark, Mary’s mother had called the search team fifteen times for an update. She was very worried as she listened to her husband’s moan.

The pain in his neck and legs had resumed after two hours of painkillers and the nurse assigned to him had told him to wait for an hour more for another painkiller.

He kept asking every now and then, “Where is my daughter? Where is Mary?”

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