Alone Time

The greatest challenge of an average man is time alone.

Our world is filled with a lot of commitments. No doubt these commitments are important because without them we won’t be able to fulfil obligations of life.

Time after time we give some quality time to our work, friends, family, the media, and so on but little or no time to spend in absolute quietness.

Most of the time we hate to be alone. It’s natural to feel lonely, empty, depressed, dejected because man is a social being and finds alone time very unpleasant, dangerous time, a time we shouldn’t allow and a time to reach out to others and be happy.

But sitting alone in absolute quietness for few minutes to one hour a day, listening to the one who speaks nothing, is as important as going for physical health checks without waiting for sickness to strike. It’s a mind-healing process, a time to ease off and calm down.

Time alone is a time of recollection, a time to discover our self-worth. It’s the time to be creative, time for pure and focused thinking. Time to discover divine solutions.

Time alone is when we examine our conscience- evaluate our moral sense of right and wrong, Look into the core of our being to find out how we have failed in our dealings with people and things around us.

Examined conscience yields purity of thought and purity of thought brings to birth a better personality.

Quality time alone yields good result just like Japanese adage says, ‘good thinking, good product’.

This week’s Challenge

What to do

Stay calm and listen to your quietness.

When and where

Anywhere quiet and free from distractions.

I use the early hours of the morning or evening time in the Chapel.

Use the time and place most suited to you.


From five to fifteen minutes daily.

Have a great alone time daily this week!🙂