Odd Fate #6

While the search team looked for Captain Gregory’s daughter in the massive ocean, the Strange Man had since swum to the shore with her unconscious body, away from the tempest, to his exotic world.

Since the wind didn’t drop her and the sea desired her, she was likely to be the one they had been searching for. His last search result was a disaster. His mother had rejected the nineteenth girl because said she failed the wind, sea and chastity tests.

So, while the search team continued their search in the depth of the Atlantic ocean, risking their lives with the dangerous sea animals all through the night, the victims had since disappeared to a non-physical world.

When Mary’s parents called the search team, they were told they were trying their best to find her. But they ( parents) knew that if their daughter was still in the ocean, she must have drowned or eaten by some dangerous animal.

The only pain Captain Gregory’s felt at that moment was the pain of losing his only child daughter Mary and Mrs Gregory had never let go of her bible Bible and rosary. She had raised them a thousand time since hope was lost.

“My daughter will soon come home. She’s not lost.”

Tears of pity flooded everybody’s eyes including her mother. They all looked at her with deep sympathy because they were sure Mary didn’t make it. If she did, the search team might have brought her back alive and it had been more than twelve hours since she was lost in the water.


Mary opened her eyes and found herself in a strange room. It was rich and shipshape.

She saw the Strange Man talking in a hushed voice with a middle-aged queen, clad in a golden robe and a golden crown with glittering precious stones. She looked beautiful, indifferent and firm. The Strange Man looked well groomed and attractive in his casual gown.

Mary narrowed her eyes and looked around, pinched her arm and looked at herself in the side mirror at the foot end of the bed. Her dress had been changed to a spotless smooth cream nightgown with purple sleep net over her head.

“The final decision will be made in the morning. If she scales through the last test, your search will be over. If she fails she’ll be returned immediately.”

Yes, mother.

“If everything goes well, we’ll meet her parents.” She said and moved towards the golden door where the servants waited to open the door for her.

“Yes, mother.” replied the Strange Man and looked at her as if seeing her for the first time since she woke up.

“Where am I?” Mary asked and rolled her eyes from side to side. “hope I’m not dead.”

“You’re full of life. Everything is alright. You have been unconscious for three days though.”

“Three days? Where is my mother?

“Don’t worry, just rest we’ll talk about everything in the morning.”

“She doesn’t know I’m here?”

“I’m sure you’re hungry. Your food will be delivered. I’ll call the doctor immediately for a checkup. The servants will bring your food.”

“You’re not listening to me. I need to go home immediately or call my mum. Where is this place?” she calmed down a bit, she didn’t have to shout at him. He saved her life.

The Strange Man kept silent.

What’s your name?



“That’s right.”

“Ok. Bune, where am I?” Mary asked again, raised her head and frowned her face as she felt weak. Bune gently put her head back on the pillow.

“The doctors said you need to stay in bed for days,” he said.

He pressed a bell on the bed and two perfect servants entered the room.

“Zune1, call the doctor. Tell him, miss……”

“Mary,” she said with confusion written all over her face.

“Tell him Mary’s awake. Zune2, wait upon her in case if she needs anything.”

“I need to call my mum to let her know I’m alive. Please.”

“Someone will be sent to her. I’ll see you both in a minute,” he said as a female doctor arrived.