Just One More

“I understood once I held a baby in my arms, why some people… keep having them.” Spalding Gray

They already had three in their hands, the perfect number for him. He didn’t want any other and had told her to take care of things.

The fewer the better he had sworn.

But not so with her.

All she wanted was just one more.

Just one more for the sake of her little girl. She had watched her feeling aloof besides the two boys.

“Leave us alone! This is boys only. Go play with mummy.” she would hear the boys shout.

She had gone crazy and had dragged the duo to the naughty corner for an hour.

“Don’t ever push your blood away. She’s your blood, your only sister. Don’t ever push her away.” she had screamed at them while they recoiled fearfully.

Still, the boys knew better. They knew that boys play our boys play. Just like girls play are girls play. So nothing could be done to change the fact.

She did invite her friends daughters over to cheer her up but each day her little daughter kept asking for the same thing. “mummy, when are you going to get a girl from the hospital? ”

Where does she get that? She’s only four.

“Very soon sweetheart,” she promised without thinking.

“I want her to look exactly like me mummy,”

“Alright honey, ”


“Yes, promise.” they both hooked their index fingers to seal it.

So she made up her mind to stop taking care of things as she hoped and prayed she didn’t get another boy.

Ten months later, they arrived.

The quadruplets!

Three boys and a girl!

The man heard the news while at work, refused to come home. The woman understood and begged him to come home. She knew it was too much for him to handle. When he returned after a week, he cried. He couldn’t believe it.

Her pig-headedness has brought us nothing but trouble. He always thought about what she had done whenever any problem arose.

All he wanted was good life for the few, but she had messed it all up.

How could they ever give the seven kids good life? They’re many mouths to feed, many bodies to clothe, seven kids to educate, train and guide.

It meant more trouble, more stress, more premature grey hair.

To her, it was certain it’s going to be very difficult with their little income but she knew those kids were. like many arrows in their hands – fruits they would grow to rip with joy.