Strange Follow.

5:15 am, Victoria jogged along the lonely sloppy path, preoccupied by the harmonious music blaring in her ears, oblivious of a strange follow.

He wore a hooded black gown and a horror face mask. She froze when he whistled her name and began the real race to for her life. She was not supposed to do strenous exercise, her doctor had warned her not to.

He chased her along calling her name.

“It’s me! Hahahaha”. It’s me, George. Victoria. Stop.”

She heard his name and slowed down. She panted, doubled and clutched her chest. She began to cough as he flashed the torchlight on his face to show her he’s the one but the horror mask on his face was too much for her to stand, she began to gasp for breath and coughed the more. She looked for a comfortable place and sat in a tripod style and bent her head. He knelt before her with the small box in confusion.

“Are you okay?”

“No. Take me home.”

“What about hospital?”

She had collapsed and couldn’t talk again. She had left her inhaler behind because it had been almost a year since the last attack. He didn’t know she was asthmatic. She never told him.

When he saw her fainting, he didn’t know what to do. Take her home or to the hospital? He thought it was a hearth attack so the best place to go was the hospital.

He picked her up, carried her on his arms and hastened to the roadside, to find a taxi.

“To the nearest hospital please. Drive as fast as you can, she’s dying.”

George was genuinely shaken when she failed to respond to his calling and shaking on the way to the hospital.

He was sure it was going to be a no if she survived it. But when she woke up at the hospital she apologised for not telling him.

“Sorry I scared you. I’m so sorry.”

” I scared you more for scaring me.”

He brought out the box the second time in the presence of two nurses who shook their heads. It was probably the wrong time. She should remain calm.

He asked her anyway. If anything happened again, the nurses should take care.

But she smiled

“Yes! Yes!”And he put the ring on the right finger.