Odd Fate #7

It was 9 am when a strange girl floated along the path leading to Mr Gregory’s house. She wore a sea-green robe and white sandals. Her hair was long, free and flew in the air.

People saw her. Some ran away in horror, some stood rooted to a spot captivated while some ran after the awesome sight. She landed in front of the gate and it opened by itself and she walked into the compound.

The security man at the gate was taken aback and in horror backed away

“Don’t be afraid. I’m here to give a message,” she said, her face portrayed no emotions. She looked human but weird. Her beauty was like something out of ordinary.

The security man went dumb before her rooted at a spot.

“Wait here.” he stammered after recovering and kept looking back as he walked like a blind man towards the main house.

After a while, Mrs Gregory came out and walked to the girl.

“Who are you? Where are you from?” She asked looking all over at the attire she wore.

“I’m Kume1 and you are Mary’s mother.”

Mrs Gregory nodded and softened at the mention of her daughter. She went close.

“Please talk to me. What about Mary? Have you seen her anywhere?”

“I’m here to inform you that she’s alive. She said I should pass the message to stop your worry.” She said.

“Where is she?”

“She’s still very sick at…..never mind. She wants you to know she’s alive.” she reconsidered divulging the name of her world.

“Which hospital is she?” Kume1 kept silent.

“How is Mary’s Father?”

“He’s recovering well. But worried that Mary might be dead.”

“Tell him she’s alive.”

“Where are you from? Where is my daughter? I want to see her.”

“I have passed my message as I ought. She’ll be back in a few days. I can’t say more” She said and moved swiftly towards the gate.

Mrs Gregory rushed after her but stood in horror when the messenger floated over the gate and skyrocketed beyond the clouds. She stood there wondering what just happened. Tears flowing down her cheeks. She didn’t get to find out where her daughter was.

“Madam, Mary is alive. That’s all that matters.” The security man who thought she would collapse under her feet tried some consoling words. “She’s still alive. You should be happy. This girl could be an angel sent by God to give you hope. Calm down. As she said, Mary’ll be back soon.”

“Something tells me something is wrong with my daughter. And that creature is neither human nor divine. The strangest thing is her name. I don’t understand it.”

One will never fully understand the mysteries of the world. But please stop worrying, everything will be fine soon. We’ll keep praying.” The security man consoled from a respectable distance.

Mrs Gregory nodded, dabbed her eyes with her blouse and went back into the room where her husband lay asleep. He was responding to treatment, the pains had stopped but his Blood pressure had risen.

He’s under close watch by the family doctor and Mrs Gregory didn’t know how to break the news of the stranger’s visit and how to make him understand that a strange girl came with the news that Mary was alive but had refused to divulge her where-about.


Kume1 landed in the balcony of Mary’s room and the door opened for her and she stood by her bed where was still having forced bed rest. They both waited for a time to talk and when the bell rang, Kume1 told her that her father was alive and doing well.

“I’m glad to hear that. Thank God. Did you see my mum?”


“How is she?”


“Thanks. When is the doctor coming?”

“He’s around. She’ll see you soon.”

“When am I going home?”

“Only the queen knows. I’ll take my leave now.”

Mary looked on as the door opened for her and she walked away. She needed to talk to the strange man. She must return home to her parents before they get sickened by worry.