A Very Important Thing In Life

What do you think is the most important thing to you in life?

The first thing that comes mind is most pressing need at the moment or things one needs to have which one has not yet gotten. The thing that one is desperate to achieve. Like;

Getting well from an illness

Food to satisfy hunger and thirst.

What to wear to look good.

A house of to call one’s own.

A car to take one around.

Finding love, friendship, marriage, starting one’s own family.

A job, a better job with good working condition and good salary, growing one’s own business and so on.

No doubt, these are all life’s necessities and to be honest, no one, I mean no one wants to be without these things.

They are the reason why people work hard day in day out, come rain come sunshine. They work hard to make sure they make themselves comfortable with these things.

But, there is one thing we hardly notice until we’re down with something. Our..

Very few people are wise in this.

They check their body weight, body mass index, blood pressure, blood sugar level, mental state, eye, ear and nose state, heart rate and many others.

This category know that health is life and wealth and are conscious of what goes into their mouth. Their overall lifestyle is healthy. They are the ones that will always carry their water bottles around. They go to bed early and wake up early every single morning. They exercise at least three times a week without fail.

Second category of people know. They know that the saying about health is wealth is word of the mouth. They know the saying is true but either gets too busy or ignores the fact and go to hospital only when symptoms show up.

The last category are either ignorant or they don’t just care and when the symptoms come, they wait a little longer to make sure it’s an illness until its time to call the emergency section.

Which one do you belong to?

What goes on in your head when you see the food before you at a restaurant, at home or at a gathering?

Hmmm mmmm, yummy yummy?


Is this good for my health?

When peple go to gym,

do men go there to get six packs and muscular arms to show off?

do women go there to look more attractive?

What am I getting at?

When you go for body enhancement, do you do that to improve your health or to look more presentable to the detriment of healthy state?

Are you conscious of your health, do you care?

Do you cheat on your health?

It is in good health that we are happy, strong people who can move about and achieve aims.

No doubt, there are sicknesses that are inevitable, they come no matter what you do, but if you check yourself with the doctor every now and then, you’ll be able to find out before it enters an incurable stage and some can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle.

Health is precious. The sick know this well and when they get a second chance, they do their best possible to stay healthy for the rest of their lives.

I believe that the greatest gift you can give to your family and the world is a healthy you.

– Joyce Meyer