The Future Should Find You Better

Envision yourself in ten years time. Where and how do you see yourself?

You’re supposed to see an astonishing, better and greater you. Greater and better than you are right now and in every way. Morally, Spiritually, financially, socially, and so on.

If you don’t see that, it means that you are;

– Living your life without a goal

You don’t have any thing in mind to achieve in your entire life. You’re a good follower of the crowd with no plans to out-shine anyone.

You don’t have the zeal to compete with anyone because you back down on seeing how awesome they are.

You desire to be like them but never more than them.

What happens when they fail?

You fail too.

Life without a set goal is absolutely nothing.

Miracle does happen sometimes but when it does, it’s always because you have something to achieve which you have being trying hard to achieve.

– Living an aimless life

You have a goal but you have no aim or plans on how to achieve that goal.

If someone goes out for a hunt, he needs to go home with at least a catch. So at the hunting station, he aims at the target so as to nail it with one shot.

But when he begins to shoot anyhow in every direction, he’ll definitely scare the targets away and in the end, go home with nothing.

You cannot achieve your goal without an aim.

– Someone else is in control of your life

You have entrusted your life in the hands of someone else. Someone is telling you what you will do and what you will not do. You’re an adult with an adult brain but you believe in them more than you believe in yourself.

They may make you feel like you can’t handle any situation in your life all alone but don’t believe them.

Don’t depend totally on their support and promise for a better future because their support will always be short lived. And when they leave you without anything, you’ll be stranded.

So take control of your life and do something great with it. You have great potentials and skills to make things happen. Believe in yourself.

When you have set goals for a better future and have stated your aims, you’re in control and that’s when you will begin to…

– You’ll come across many people from all works of life who are more experienced than you. They will always have some advice to give you.

Listen to every advice but trust me you dont need to work with all of them.

Use your awesome thinking power to find out which advice works for your goal and which to throw away.

What happens when you get there? You may start,

– Feeling you’re already there, that you have achieved all you ought to and are stable

You feel you’re already on top. That you’re great and need not bother anymore, its now time to sit and enjoy your acquisition. You have every thing at your beck and call.

Watch it.

The way down is always up.

No matter what level you are now, there is always room for improvement. There is no such thing as perfect life.

Set your goal, aim at your goal, work hard, never forget the source of your strength. Keep working until the end.

5 thoughts on “The Future Should Find You Better”

  1. I hope in the next ten years, if I’ll be alive, that I will finally find my true happiness, I hope in spiritual teachings and walking adventurism, the path that will start in just a week or so…

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    1. You’ll be alive lanus and true happiess shall find you now as you smile to yourself.😄👌. I wish you achieved your goals before ten years. Thanks for all your sharing. Remain Blessed.

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