Go get Jobs

“My mother-in-law thinks I’m lazy.” Janet said to her friend as they sat at the dinner table in her house one morning.

“Really? Why?”

“ Because I have three maids.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“She thinks maids are for working class mums.”

Her friend laughed.

“It’s not funny. She has told me to my face that I’m looking for a way to liquidate her son,”

“Well, the best attitude is to ignore her to prevent an altercation.”

“I just don’t want her around here anymore. I’m sick and tired of her scrutiny and pointless nagging. She’s extremely difficult to live with.”

“Just be patient with her.”

“For how long?”

“For as long as it takes.”

“I can’t tolerate her anymore.”

“So what are you going to do? Kick her out? You know you can’t do that. She has been here even before you were born.”

“Thats the painful part. I wish she…”

The restroom door opened before Janet could finish her statement. She paused when she saw her mother in-law come out.

She stood with arms akimbo before them and looked hard at both of them, shook her head and gave out a sarcastic laugh.

“I’ve heard all that you said about me and I’m content with it all. Thanks so much for putting me on social media. I’ll soon be the talk of the world, ” she said, sarcasm in her tone. I have just one name for both of you but won’t say it now. I have always known that idleness is a big issue in our society. It’s the reason why people sit and cause havoc with idle chatter and rumour.”

The two friends held hands tight to prevent words from escaping their mouths and for her to take it lightly and were relieved when she snatched her bag from the side table and walked out of the house.

Janet’s friend felt terrible and had to leave immediately.

They both should probably pay for it all their lives – with a guilty conscience.