Keeping Peace #8

“What do you think about starting up a family?” He began in the evening during dinner after one week of setting things right between them.

Stephanie looked up at him. The question was out of the blue.

“But you said we should wait for three years.”

“And you’re comfortable with my decision.”


“Were you not supposed to say no to such unrealistic selfish decision as an Igbo lady?”

“Are you assigning guilt to me?”

“You don’t have to agree with everything I say.” he regretted saying that.

“You pleaded with me on the eve of our wedding and it was totally your idea that I had to agree to.”

“Why didn’t you object to that?”

“Because I shouldn’t say no to you, ”

“What about the pills.”

“I’m still taking them.”

“For goodness sake, get rid of them. They’re evil.”

“Are they? I guess it took you more than two years to realise that.”

” Steph please, get rid of them. I don’t want to see them around. No child has cried in our house for two years because of them.

Stephanie laughed.

“Is it funny?”

“Not really. Just laughing at your sudden realisation.” She laughed again.

“See, I need some time. I don’t want to take in now because of my work.”

Clement kept quiet. What was he supposed to say?

When do you think will be okay for you.?

Resign from work, after all, banking job is no good for any married lady.?

It’s okay, please let me know when you’re ready.?

As these words rattled in his head, he picked up his phone. Put it in the pocket of his pyjamas and excused himself.

“I’ll be back in seconds.”

He had to text John fast.

If he happened to chose the second option as he thought, he would not be able to say it because his wife loved her job so much and would never want to hear such things.

Johns text came.

Convince her to chose to take in over work. Talk to her.

I need the exact sentences.

Clement! Okay. Say this; Honey, I really want my own children and I want us to start now to try? Please do It for me. Will you?

What if she insists?

Women have soft hearts Clement, they can’t stand Pleas from the man they love. Plead with her she will agree to do what you want.

Thanks. Later.

He returned to meet Stephanie laughing over the phone.

“See you tomorrow,” she said and ended the call she saw him.

It was a brief call to Mrs Gelu who had been well informed and had told her what to do.

“Honey, I really want to carry my own child. I want you to do this for me. Let’s start now. Please.” Clement pleaded.

“Sweetheart, you know I would love to. Let me think about it. Okay? Please.”

“Think about it?”

“Yes. This is too sudden for me. We’ll talk about it tomorrow. Okay?” she said and yawned.

It’s not working. It’s supposed to work. What’s come over her?

“Okay,” he heard himself say and felt beaten.

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