Talent vs Passion

Robert Benchley, famous for his work Random House discovered he’s not talented in writing after writing for fifteen years.

But you know what?

He refused to give up writing because people were already enjoying his writing to the extent that he was too famous. And I guess because he was already making impact, stopping was not an option.

He wrote over six hundred essays and made a name for himself.Hear what he had to say;

Who says you must be talented before you can write?

And who says you must study writing in school before you can write your first book?

That’s a myth.

If you are zealous for writing or for doing anything, just do it. Believe me what matters most is the drive, the passion.

Talent matters only when you are passionate about what you do.

With drive, you will find ways to perfect because that’s what you want to do.

Let nothing discourage you and let no one talk you down. Just do the best you can and keep perfecting in it.

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  1. very inspiring post… interesting and enlightening… I think passion has the upper hand on the long run… with passion, great talents can even become greater…also, passion can move talent from zero to hero

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