Life Can Only Be Good


“I wish one had the power to relive a good life, Sam.”

“Well, that’s not impossible?”

“You know, like having the same pleasant experience lived over and over again,”

“It won’t be good.”

“Well…., ”

“I think we need all the drama to spice up life and make us stronger and wiser,”

“Naturally, people crave for the good life and no one, I mean no one wants the bad life.”

“I do think there is no such thing as a bad life, Greg. ”


“I believe there can be bad businesses, bad marriages, bad events, bad jobs, bad people but not a bad life.”

“Of course those are the things that make life bad”

“These bad occurrences are unavoidable. Nevertheless, we have control over how they affect us and if we can control how these affect us, our lives would always be ecstatic.”

“The fact is that it’s almost impossible to subdue the way we feel about a bad circumstance.”

“That’s right but it matters that we wade through to reach the end unmaimed.”

“I expect the best out of life every day though.”

” It’s human to expect the best out of life each day but one should not totally ignore the likelihood of the unavoidable negative happenings- it helps to prepare the mind for them, prevent a shock when they come and also helps to easily lunch a possible solution.”

“You totally sound like my life coach.”

“I wish I was. You need a mind restructuring.”


“Everything will go well but don’t wipe out the possibility of losing her to Mr. Right from your mind.”

“There is no such thing as Mr. Right. It’s always Mr. Greg. Greg all the way.”

“I’ll be watching from afar.”

“I really want to marry her. ”

“I won’t stand in the way.”


“Have you ever thought about ending up in a bad marriage with her.”

“I’m prepared to wade through it with her to reach the end unmaimed.”

” I’m impressed and I think you’re ready.”


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