Our Journey To Maturity

This is our journey to wisdom.

The very week we were born up to two weeks, we kept looking at everything and everyone around us without a single idea of who and what they were.

We had no idea.

We were so blank up there and so much so that we couldn’t even recognise the woman who conceived and carried us for nine months nor the man that took part in it all.

We ate whatever we were given.

Went wherever we were taken no matter how dangerous.

We wore whatever clothes that we were given and didn’t know a thing about what we wanted.

At that time the only way of expressing ourselves was – crying.

That’s what I call witlessness at it’s worst.

But as time passed by, our brains continued to develop and mature and we began to recognise more the people and things around us and began to do things that we were not able to do before and each passing day we woke up smarter.

At the age of seven, we began to reason and understand more of the things that happened around us and why they happened. We began to understand explanations more and at that time it became a little hard for an adult to deceive, manipulate and use our heads but not completely free because our maturity had not come to its fulness.

We did stupid things that made the adults think we were still very immature.

Then came the adolescence.

When our eyes and mind opened to see clearly and our minds just landed on it’s first realization of everything.

This was when we suddenly think we know everything and realized how much we had been controlled, deceived and subdued by adults.

That’s why we began to say no to almost everything in defiance.

Call it ‘premature wisdom‘.

Because we couldn’t control this kind of wisdom it controlled us and ruled over our lives.

We began to see every other person as foolish even our parents and see their advice as old fashioned.

We’re so defiant that others found us so impossible and lost all hope.

But as time passed by we gradually began to take our control over the ‘premature wisdom’, little by little until we were completely in control.

Then came maturity, the dawn of wisdom.

We began to listen more, things began to make more sense and we began to understand. We began to let go.

We began to think before acting and as a result, we made the right decisions and didn’t need anyone to make our choices for us.

That’s when we took full responsibility of our lives.

It’s when we said no or yes when we should and stood by it.

We were able to control our ’emotions’ to appear foolish before the immature either to make someone happy or for peace to reign and didn’t feel inferior about it.

The age of sacrifice.

But at this stage, some adults remained immature.

The immature ones!

These are the people who think they are wise and look at maturity as foolishness. They find it difficult growing up from their ‘premature wisdom’. They do things that make them feel good even if it means hurting others. They fail to listen, they fail to understand. They start wars and never backs down. They kindle every fire without considering the outcome. They bully, slander and do other immature stuff.

We understand.

They’re stuck somewhere while the matured ones advanced.

But they don’t need to remain there.

They can advance too.

They can be matured.

It’s mportant the world around that they do. So as to avoid hurting themselves, others and the entire world.

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