Solitude, The Writer’s Solace

Someone must be weird to find solace in solitude in a world full of people. I think writers are weird.

For most people, solitude is terrifying. Man is created to be social and in socialising, man feels great.

This is why the majority of people find it very hard to stay alone for more than thirty minutes a day. They get bored, depressed, lonely, blue, isolated, worried, anxious, and more so when the period extends longer.

But for a writer time in solitude is the best time of his life. He cherishes it with all his heart and fights desperately to have it. And the more time in solitude he spends, the better he feels.

A writer can’t get bored in solitude because that’s where he finds complete peace- in the company of his work. If he ever gets bored, know that it’s either his daily writing target has been met or he wants to take a break to rest his hands.

When a writer finds himself spending four hours or more in a social gathering, he feels trapped and finds a way of escape.

If you are his relative, friend, or colleague, you must understand when he’s not able to give all the time needed.

A writer runs away from a persistent friend or relative. Persistent in the sense that the friend or relative takes too much of his time. Way too much for his liking.

If you disturb a writer with too much talking in his home, he leaves the home for you and travels to a place where he doesn’t know anyone, stays there until his work is completed.

When you’re having a good time with a writer and suddenly he tells you to excuse him. Just know that it’s either he needs time to write down an idea that just popped in his head or he’s bored or burdened by your lengthy company- he wants some time alone to read, think and write.

Writers need solitude

A serious writer needs absolute quietness and peace – a serene environment to be able to do reasonable work within a given time.

Without great solitude no serious work is possible. Pablo Picasso.

21 thoughts on “Solitude, The Writer’s Solace”

  1. I guess I’m a weirdo then. I love my space a lot. Give me a stable supply of power and I can be locked away in my room all day. Just yesterday, all the homies were away all day – sweet freedom! I enjoyed the peace and quiet.

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    1. That’s impressive. You’re such a writer! Every serious writer loves their solitude. I’m sure you achieved a lot. As a mother and a wife and with work, I find it difficult most of the time to get rid of distractions. But I do escape to a quiet place everyday to write.

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    1. You’re not alone at all. Every writer desire for this peace. Writers don’t just write, they think to write and thinking doesn’t require any form of distraction. So every writer needs this solitude to be able to to a serious work. So make sure you escaped to your solitude daily to write.πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Š

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