Laying Blames

She welcomed him warmly, but he paced-around angrily.

“Two more months, if nothing happens, I’ll get myself, a fruitful wife,” he said.

Her face was cast down and she thought about the four years that had gone by and was deeply pained.

“The doctors said there’s nothing wrong with me. If you’ll only see them yourself…” she said with all boldness.

“What do you mean by that?” he asked.

“I’m only suggesting that you also see the doctor since I’ve done that severally.”

“You know I’m not impotent,” he shouted and became more unsettled.

She kept quiet but felt better because she had summoned the courage to tell him what she had not been able to say for years.

Ten months later, Junior arrived. The reason why became his ‘top-secret’.

Junior’s siblings followed also in no time and prior to each, he had to secretly follow ‘the routine’.

But his ‘top-secret’ was no secret. Her cognitive reasoning got why eight extra legs walked aound their home.

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