I Gabriel 3; Someone To Talk To



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Elina is mom’s closest friend and confidant. I’ve watched them cry on each other’s shoulders for not less than three times since my birth. They share little secrets and terrible awkward moments.

I have also watched them sprawl on the kitchen floor, laughing their tear filled eyes out and amused the cold out of me.

Elina has cute little daughter, Jennie. She is 5, and very smart. I like smart kids, there are very few of them around in here in Zuika. Anyway, I like Jennie. A lot. She’s like a sister to me; I just like her. She smiles a lot, plays with me and feels sad when it’s home time.

So today, I have a a thought on my mind. I need to share my secrets with someone – someone I can trust, someone who doesn’t shake like a leaf and I think Jennie will be that perfect someone. When next they visit, I’ll take the risk and talk to her. I’m rest assured she won’t fret. She’s a strong girl.


I’ve been doing lots of research lately, With mom’s laptop , I sneaked it into my room hoping she won’t look for it soon. She hardly uses it anyway.

So, during one of my researches, I discovered a very wonderful application called Robo-exp3Dfg. This app is a wonder and perfect for my special multitask robot construction.


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