The Blank Page

There are times when you will sit down to write and thousands of thoughts and ideas will be fighting for your attention

This occurs to the extent that you have to make a choice over which one makes it first to the page.

But there are times when your brain will seem as if it has gone on a vacation to an unknown destination and has left you with nothing but a blank empty head.

No matter how much you try to write, all you end up doing is look at the blank paper or screen, chew your pen, scratch your head, then chin or something, while your chair rocks. Whatever your eyes see at that moment will contain nothing.

In spite of this problem, do not walk away without writing down one or two sentences or phrase on the blank sheet, even if it means writing down three words sentence or phrase that is not related to what you write about. In other words don’t leave your writing spot until you put down something on blank sheet.


‘Who am I?’ ‘I am Fiez’ “Mean writer’s block’ ‘I love mum’, and so on.

Try expanding a bit before walking away.



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