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A young and vibrant blogger and the owner of the new blog, The Way, read my blog post on Insight-Child Labour and shared his experience.

Permit me to share his comment with you, hoping that you’ll be so kind😇🙏 as to answer a pressing question he asked.

Please refer to my previous post on Insight- Child Labour to have a clear understanding of why he made his comment.

Read his story:

…… have the title of population explosion country, facing the same problem as in your above-said case …. but….. how we can save them to do child labour in a factory, shop or in a house.

In one of my experience when I was doing my Graduation, I went to a hotel for lunch and there I saw 2 boys were washing the used utensils.

First of all, I ask the owner, “why are you admitting them in such a small age” and the owner said to me that their parents allowed them to do a job in my hotel” and went away to deal with the customers.

After that, I went to those boys and told them to stop the work and go to school. Then those two boys said to me “My father has a less paying job and my mother doesn’t have any kind of job to do. So, we fulfil our needs in a very difficult situation, So how can I dream off going to school.”

And he says few words to me, “Why are you saying all of these? “Are you going to help me?”

At that time I shut my mouth and I don’t have any word to answer his question because at that time I also depend on my family money how can I help them.

Then, again one of them ask me, “Are you going to help help with my admission into a school?” Then again I don’t have words to answer him……….

So please answer me,” How can I answered both of them?”
What answer should give to them?”
what was I supposed to do at that time?
Please guide me some Suggestions………..

My answer.

Thank you, Manjeet for sharing your experience on Fiez. I’m greatly touched by your story and to be honest with you, there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop them because first of all you’re still dependent and there is no way, you can support them. But you can expose them to the government or a philanthropist who can be able to take care of their education and every other need. I will have to say the kind of child labour in your story is induced by financial inadequacy or poverty and as you have rightly said it’s always the case in overpopulated countries, some under-developed or even developing countries. Child labour is no big deal in these countries because it’s common and never an eyesore. For them, it’s normal for a child to do any kind of work as long as he or she can handle it. And to the parents, because the financial situation is too poor, feeding becomes the most essential need of the family and once a child has eaten a square meal or two, that’s all.


In some countries, child labour is rampant and is regarded as nothing at all. It’s common for children to be pushed out of their childhood cocoons by a poor parent, to go out into the world to do what adults do to fend for themselves and for the family.

In all of the case, the parents are not buoyant at all to send them to school and give them a comfortable life.

Less developed countries and some part of the developing countries have a greater number of child labour and no matter the measure devised to wipe it away in those areas, it’s hard due to the level of poverty in some areas of these countries.

How then can a student, who is also dependent on his parents, tell a child undergoing child labour to stop working and go to school? This is being unrealistic right? How can he help them out of that difficult situation? Please share your opinion.

What I think

I think the government of these countries should intervene to make education available to these children through free education.



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  1. I can understand the dilemma the guy found himself. For those children, whatever freedom anyone tries to offer may not come in words/counsels. Bottom line for them is financial/material support. One can only but try. By the way, while the government should be particularly about the well-being of its citizens (especially children), parents should also wake up to their responsibilities as well. It’s irresponsible for couples to bear children (in their numbers) and not have a plan for them. If I know that I can only take good care of a child or two (given the limit of my resources), I shouldn’t father more than that. Cooperate organizations and NGO’s can also help fight the menace.

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    1. Thank you so much for your contribution. I agree with you. That’s exactly the problem, having too many children or marrying many wives who in turn have 7 or more children each in the condition of extreme poverty. All these happen because of lack of education on the parent’s side. With education, there will be less of related problem in the future in those areas.


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