You Know It But Can’t Explain it

If someone asked you for the meaning of the word ‘NEW’, what would be your reply? Will you be able to give the definition of the word in a sentence? The owners of English find it easy but I tell you it’s hard for the majority of people to explain these simple words.

Big words are easier to define than simple words.

For a simple word, you know the meaning of the word but might not know how to explain the meaning to someone else.

It’s complicated, right?

Words like; that, I, he, she, are, where, what, be, an, know, go, come, laugh, smile and many others.

When you’re asked to tell someone the meaning of the word ‘go’ for example, you might be tempted to give answers like ‘to go to somewhere!😳’ because you can’t possibly think of words to describe it.

What I do in this case is to make use of the synonym in the definition, I don’t know how correct this is, but at least it will help the asker to get something close to the meaning before consulting the dictionary later.

So, I know that ‘new’ is synonymous with ‘up-to-date’ or ‘current’ or… ( now my thought has arrived at the definition of new already – ‘something in its newest form’😳. I’m always tempted to do this when asked to define certain simple words). Anyway, for the word ‘new’, I might say, ‘anything that is current or up-to-date’😎.

Now let me consulted my Collins dictionary. It’s showing me this, ‘something that has been recently created, built or invented or is in the process of being created, built or invented.

I know my own definition doesn’t go in-depth to bring out the meaning, but it gives the clue to solving the puzzle a bit.


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