Obstacles Of Writing – Self-Doubt and Impostor Syndrome

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  2. Reading through this, I couldn’t help but see a part of me in it: overly hesitant, unsure, tentative, inadequate… I’ve lost count of many a piece I was excited to start writing but lost interest and dropped them due to the self-doubt syndrome. You made a profound point about getting around the right cycle of people. I had to distance myself from a particular friend and former classmate on campus for that reason. He happens to be a fine writer and poet and I consider him a way better writer than I am – so I get to seek his opinion on the things I write now and then. However, I observed that, no matter how good the reception of my work is with others, he hardly ever has something encouraging to say about them. I’m not even talking about critical criticism but downplaying them. It got so bad I almost began to believe I was really doing badly with my writings.
    Like you said, the syndrome should be harnessed to our advantage. It should help us challenge ourselves to give each writing our all. I must confess I’m not completely out of the blues on this case yet but I’m working on myself. I’m going to take time to read through this post again and again and take note of the salient points you gave. Meanwhile, I ask your permission to reblog this.
    This is really rich and inciteful. I’m happy I am reading it.

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    1. Thanks lbk. I must say that your friend’s attitude was very wrong. He was supposed to help you grow and be happy doing it considering the friendship. I believe everything happens for a reason. It could have happened for you do away with depending on him which could have been a huge obstacle to your standing strong on your feet as a writer. You could have found it difficult to believe in yourself and work without his approval. A writer once said that the very best works are the ones written in solitude – alone. I see sense in that. There are writers out there who think they’re the best and some of them will always see something wrong with another writers work. Thank God for the writer you have become and for the control you have over your writing life and are now giving others good writing advice. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, I truly appreciate it. Thank you so much for the reblog.

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