All We Need

If your boss yells at you for no reason at all, understand.

If your spouse suddenly barks at you like a dog, understand.

If your child throws tantrum without just cause, understand

If your neighbour bumps into you and gives a snub, understand

A friend says, “go away, don’t want to go anywhere”, understand

If your parent screams at you over a trifle, understand.

Your dog sees you and does not wag its tail, undertsand

We all wake up from the wrong side of the bed sometimes.

We all have bad days and bad days have us, so, understand.

Some days will be good and some days bad, understand.

When you have bad days too, I hope they understand.

Give them space, time and love, as you try to understand.

Check later and see their eyes sparkle ‘cos you understand. (Hopefully)

All we need is understand one another and give each other many chances to get over it.


13 thoughts on “All We Need”

  1. We talked about this sometime ago in our women fellowship in church. We need to try to understand that other people have emotions like us. We all have our challenges. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Hello 👋🏾 Florence
    I love this post
    As we continuously work on understanding ourselves, and react to others understandably, they will eventually understand
    Hopefully….. 🤞🏾😊

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  3. The only time I would consider yelling is in case of an emergency , like :
    “Help ! “, but other than that I don’t yell. Yelling is not good for the vocal chords. 🤗

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  4. Apt. Not every untoward action deserves a corresponding reaction. Sometimes, one needs to look beyond the surface to see and appreciate people’s idiosyncrasies. However, there has to be a balance to it. A fellow who has a culture of emitting negative vibes/energy towards you is not deserving of one’s understanding. He should be kept at arm’s length.

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    1. You’re absolutely right. This is not for the habitual negative offenders. They’re energy ‘drainers’, poisonous and dangerous. I concur, they don’t deserve any understanding.

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