Someone Asks, “As A Writer, Who Is A Christian, What Do You Do On Sundays?”

To answer this question, I’ll go straight to the point.

Below are my favourite things to do on Sundays;

💠I go to Church and worship the source of my life and all that is in it – God.

💠I thank God for life and it’s blessings and to commit the rest of the week with it’s ups and downs into His unfailing hands.

💠I listen to God’s words to strengthen my faith, get inspired, motivated, make amends, refresh, recharge and get ready for the week.

💠I ask God for more blessings, I always do. I love his blessings.

💠I see my Christian community, those that I’m not opportune to see during the past week.

At Home

▪ Sundays are like Christmas

▪ I prepare special meal for my family

▪ We spend quality time together

▪ We go out in the evening either together or individually to visit family and friends or spend the rest of the day with our visitors.

▪ I love Sundays and the fact that I’m forced to rest.❤

Today I introduce Sunday Quotes in honour of the asker, starting from next week Sunday.

For lovers of Sunday Quotes that are likely to prepare one for the week, visit Fiez on Sundays for interesting Sunday quotes.

Happy Sunday to all my readers. Have splendid and blessed days of the week.❤

12 thoughts on “Someone Asks, “As A Writer, Who Is A Christian, What Do You Do On Sundays?””

  1. I love Sundays but it can be so hectic for me and my family, because we are always the last people to leave church. My husband is always waiting behind to sort out things, We always get home in the evening tired and sometimes we only eat food I prepare a day before. I want my sundays to be like yours.
    I will be nominating you for the sunshine blogger award in my next post. You can participate if you wish to. No obligation 🙂


    1. Thanks Bukola for sharing your Sunday story! I find it amazing that your family get to attend the church service together and return home together. To me It’s lovely😍 and the best. My Sunday is not always smooth, some days are not smooth as should be!

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  2. I wish my Sundays could be like yours. It happens to be the only day I can manage to rest a while (after church of course) if possible. I mostly wait after service for one thing or another so I don’t get to leave till around 2. When I don’t have someone to check on, I go home, eat and ‘try to rest’. That’s if I don’t jump on my system and stay glued to it till evening. Let’s just say I’m a restless person and often busy myself with what most people Will consider to be boring. Looking forward to the Sunday quotes.

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    1. Thank you lbk😀. I think life is always the same for everyone who doesn’t work on Sundays. We have equal right to rest no matter how short lived and no matter what Sunday commitments we have. The good news is, no official stressful work.

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