I, Gabriel 5 – My Mum Is Tensed

Mum and Elina rush to the scene where Jennie gets scared to death by my eloquence.

Mum sweeps her feet off the floor and takes her to the sofa, Elina follows anxiously and I wonder why they don’t notice I’m crying too, or pretending to.

Anyway, Jennie shouldn’t utter a word of what happened to them. At least not yet. She shouldn’t even look at me.

“What was it honey? What happened?” I hear mum ask.

“He talks!” I hear her say and flinch. It’s unexpected.

“Who honey? Who talks?” They ask her in unison


They both look at me simultaneously.

“Gabriel spoke to you? Awww! Thats so cute. You shouldn’t cry. I wish I could hear him speak to me, honey.” Elina said.

But mum comes to me. Hovers over me thoughtfully. She looks confused.

I try to read her thought – my mind reading skill is not yet fully matured but I get it.

“First, it’s Gabriel’s nanny getting scared by him, now it’s Jennie screaming out of fear. What could be happening with my baby?”

Elina takes reluctant Jennie by the hand and they walk to me. Half way, Jennie runs away – downstairs. Elina and mum rush after her calling.

Few minutes later, mum comes upstairs, carries me and walks to the phone.

She calls my dad and asks him to leave whatever he’s doing and come home.

“We need to talk John, please come home as soon as you can,” she says.


There’s this baby book mum reads to me. It’s children’s science book. I love the book but I hate it when mum reads to me. I can read for goodness sake!

As we wait for dad to rush home as mum demands, she begins to talk to me in an unusual way. From the look of things, she’s tensed.

“Gaby listen! I have a word for you – mnemonic. Say it- mnemonic. MNEMONIC is the word .” This is unusual. How can mum discuss such word with a five month old?

I read her mind again to find out tempting me to speak so as to find out if I talk as Jennie claims but find out she’s not.

“Don’t worry honey,” she blows me a kiss. ” Do you know what the word mnemonic means?”

I coo. She smiles.

“It’s a word that helps people to remember things.”

I coo again. I love being talked to in such way.

“The only word in English Language that begins with ‘mn’. You got that?”

I coo again and kick my legs playfully.

“With this word you can remember the colours of the rainbow, you love rainbows right?”

“Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain. — Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet,” she sings.

I move with excitement and she laughs.

“You love the planets? I’m sure you do. My Very Easy Method Just Sums Up Nine Planets. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus” she sings and in my heart I sing with her.

I feel sleepy and watch her face fade away.