Alone In The World

I woke up one morning to discover I was the only one around in my vicinity and beyond. No human in sight, no animals, no moving cars. Just me.

A night before that day, we all made merry into midnight. It was my second son’s second wedding anniversary.

But waking up the next morning with smiles of the previous night on my face, hoping to have the usual morning greetings and small talks with my big family, they were all missing, all gone.

I searched the whole house and yard frantically over and over again, calling their names but they were nowhere to be found. Our two bulldogs, male and female were also missing.

I ran out into the streets and knocked on every door. No one.

I ran back into my house still in my sleeping gown, pulled out my car and drove like crazy. No one in sight. No life anywhere from corner to corner of my city, then to another city and yet to another, no one. I stopped in the middle of the road and began to dial numbers.

I dialled a lot of contacts, nearly a hundred contacts of family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, enemies, those within and those from around the world, none answered.

Downtrodden, I laid my head on the steering and allowed the tears to flow in silent. I was terrified. I was afraid. Afraid of the known and unknown.

What happened to them? What happened to everyone? Why am I the only one left?

I have been searching for seven days now, I just came back from today’s search and I’m sitting in front of my house by the roadside recording my experience and hoping for a miracle to happen. I do this often.

Look at that! What the hell..? Oh no, here it comes. Slowly, very slowly. Closer, closer.

Do I run? No need. I need to go with the others.

It has four heads, eight hands-four on either side. It has eight legs but active four. It has a long tail that is almost touching the ground. The body colour is between yellow and golden, very strange colour. Weird.

I guess it’s a family monster. Father, mother and two children all living in one body. Their bodies are co-joined except at their heads and limbs. The shape of each head is oblong, hairless and shiny. The size reduces in size from the father to the children. Their faces long, the eyes are very tiny and the mouth takes up eighty per cent of the face.

What the….? Here come many others. Hundreds of them moving slowly towards me.

It is grumbling as if angry with the rivals.

It is moving faster toward me. Faster to take me before the others.

It has picked me and is about to swallow me whole. The mouth could stretch to allow the passage of any size. I hope my phone will be swallowed too. I need to record everything to my last breath. It’s absurd. Who am I recording this for?

I’m passing through the father’s throat. Now I have reached the stomach.


Inside here is something else. I feel as if I have been poisoned. I can see a lot of people dimly. None is talking. None is moving.

I’m weak now, my phone is about to fall off my hand. I guess this is the end.

Bye..bye to me.


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        1. I prefer living with family than living with a group of other people. I’ve lived in group for like six years during my school years and I must say it’s never something one would choose to do. Lots of trouble.

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