My Mistakes In Series #8

I woke up in the morning and felt so sick. It was an awful feeling, as if I was living in another person’s body – a very ill person.

I thought about the previous night, about Rebecca and the couple she brought to my room and the purpose of their visit. I hoped I hadnt broken any rule by talking to Rebecca who should be part of the home.

I didnt’ want to get into any trouble in the Secret Home, my only hidden shelter at the moment. Rebecca had declined my request to stay at her place in my reprehensible situation – afraid of some irksome outcome.

I thumbed the button on my bed and in less than few seconds, ‘auntie’ opened the door as usual – without knocking and walked in.

“Good morning auntie!” She responded to my greeting and walked to my bedside.

I feel horribly sick,” I said.

”It’s normal. Some days will be like this. Your baby is growing, ” she said as she checked my temperature. “You need to see the doctor immediately. He might suggest you start antenatal visits to be on a safer side,” she said as she brought out a note from her pocket and wrote something on it.

“Where am I seeing the doctor?”

“Within this home,” she said. I wished I could be given an opportunity to talk with any of my parents – over the phone of course. I also wanted to see the town. It was getting to two days since I had been confined to my room. I needed some outside air. I wanted to take a walk beyond the gates.

“Are you too sick to discuss a pressing issue with me?” I braced myself for whatever it might be. I knew it could be unpleasant considering her tone.

“It’s okay. I can talk.”

“Why did you allow those visitors into your room last night?” She asked.

“You mean Rebecca and the couple?”

“If her name is Rebecca, yes.”

“She’s the lady who brought me here.”

“Now listen. As far as this home is concerned, she’s a visitor and be informed that the management will be meeting with you this evening regarding that visit. You committed a huge offence The Rule.”

“What? Why?”

“I warned you. I warned you about talking to someone else other than me in this home.”

“You told them.”

“I didn’t,”

“How did….?”

“You should know that I’m not the only one who keeps an eye on you. There are people with bigger eyes and more efficient ears than I have. They know everything that happen in this home.”

I kept quiet and thought about the worse thing that could happen to me – being kicked out of the home.

“Dress up and have your breakfast. The doctor will soon be here.”

I nodded and watched her close the door.

If I escaped the forthcoming punishment, I would respect the Rules, all of it.