Luck vs Writing

It’s wrong to associate luck with writing and consider a successful writer as lucky and unsuccessful one as ill-fated.

As far as a writer is concerned luck is a myth and so is ill-fate.

Someone might be fortunate enough while doing certain things due to personal charm or aura and succeeds in it mysteriously.

This is not so in writing.

No writer brings luck with them to the table of writing. No luck makes readers want to read a writer’s book nor make publishers want to publish his book. No luck pushes a writer’s book to the threshold of great works.

In other words, a lucky writer doesn’t exist, neither does an unlucky writer. All writers have an equal right to succeed.

So, do no thank your stars when you’re succeeding at it. Do not thank your luck for being a successful writer but be glad that your hard work paid off.

Do not blame your stars for not doing so well as a writer, or when your book fails to attract the attention of the publishers. Look into your writing and find out what and what you have been doing wrong and find a way to make it better.

Do this,

Keep luck away from your writing, either good luck or bad luck. Rather, be preoccupied with the task of getting yourself educated on how to write even better. Then work hard on improving your writing day after day.

Good Luck In your Writing💔

Happy Writing❤

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  1. Hi All

    Luck is part of success elements, but it must preceded by some other things: these are competency, desire and opportunity.

    People can only achieve their potentials or act when all the three above are present or happen.

    Hard work and desire to succeed will at the end lead you to meet half way the luck or opportunity.

    No matter how hard you try everything you can only achieve two out of the three. That is why human beings we are interdependent on each other.

    Your other African friend from Somalia.


    Best regards


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    1. First of all I’m glad to have my brother visit my website and leave an insightful comment. Thank you so much for taking your time to write this.❤😊

      No doubt, I believe in “opportunities” “luck” but considering the concept of this post, I don’t think it applies. – writing is what we do. Luck is not part of the doing process. So maximum effort is required on the part of the writer or the doer and the end result of writing can’t be attributed to “being opportune” or “fortunate” it’s the product of hard work and of course grace. Grace to me is not luck, grace is what helps to make our doing easier and is not at all as magical as is obtained with luck since it divinely swells from the doing itself . In a nutshell, to succeed as a writer, no one should rely on luck or “opportunity”. But a writer looking for a job can consider being picked as lucky or fortunate or opportune but not while writing or doing his job.


      1. I agree with you sister, nothing comes easy or achieved that way.

        To develop the craft of writing takes time and through long struggle. Likewise, to motivate yourself day in day out, despite temptations around, requires discipline in thougth as well as physical one. And we know that this can only be achieved when we connect the work we are doing with something greater than ourself e.g. helping others.

        The process is always, whether we have the opportunity or not, the same: hardwork and self-discipline. But my point is that alongside the hardwork and desire to succeed, there is luck.

        For example, someone who used to be a pilot becomes blind, eveyone knows that this person posses the qualities needed which they attained through hardwork and the desire to work harder, but reality is there is no opportunity for him/her any longer.

        Hardwork and desire to succeed are the prerequisite for everything we want to do or achieve, but also along this journey luck also plays itspart. However, as this happen outside our control, we still need to keep on pushing forward as the only way we can meet the opportunity to succeed is through hardwork and unwavering determinations.

        Keep on writing and keep on pushing forward to educate us all.

        All the best


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        1. Thank you so much Abdifatah! Your argument is convincing and I see your point and where you’re coming from. We’re all in the learning process.We keep our doors of learning open to learning new things – for that’s how we become wiser. Thank you so much.


  2. Yes ma’am Florence! Instruction well received. 😊. But then, joking apart, this is nothing but the bitter truth. In the writing business, luck is the song/testimony of the lazy. The issue is practical. There are things to put in place to be a successful writer. Failure to do so makes a shoddy writer of a fellow. It’s just like when folks pray for a particular unprepared club to win at the expense of prepared one. I wonder if they think God will rewards laxity.

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    1. I have thought about that myself, when people are asked to pray for a particular weak team to win over a tough one. I believe nothing is impossible for God to do but Don’t think its applicable in that case. Thanks a million times for sharing your thoughts.😊

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      1. My pleasure Florence. I found the connection of Luck and Writing interesting 😊
        There is nothing as luck anywhere. It is all our karma/action and His grace 🙏

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    1. I know where you are coming from Dawn 😊👍🏾 but I don’t think it is just hard work that pays! It is Smart work that pays.
      And Smart is: Seek ye first the Kingdom of God 😊🙏
      I have experienced it.

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