My Tropical Savanna Climate

Before today’s poem; Heavy Drops Of Rain, let me tell you a little about my country’s weather.

In some part of the world, summer has already begun. This is for some places in the northern hemisphere. But for those of us from West Africa, there is no such thing as summer. Let me say we don’t use the word summer when we talk about sunny, hot weather.

Growing up in Nigeria, summer wasn’t commonly used. The only places I heard about summer were in my science classes and I was told it’s like our dry season – exactly what my West African country is during hot sunny weather.

So whenever our friends living in “Summer-Winter-Autumn-Fall” countries talk about summer in their part of the world, we from “wet-dry” countries refer to the periods in October, November & March as summer.

I don’t know how right it is to refer to these periods as summer.

A tropical country like ours has two seasons – Dry and Rainy/Wet seasons.

Dry Season

The dry or wet season is from October to April and is initiated by the hot wind coming from the Sahara desert to the north.

In the dry season, we have a period of extremely dry weather called ‘Harmattan’ and this is from December to February.

Harmattan period is characterised by the hot, dry and dusty wind – severe in the northern part where the desert air is first to hit. Harmattan is the time that the skin also gets very dry and flaky if not well moisturised

Rainy season

The rainy or wet season is the period of rain from April to September. May, June and July, are the months with the heaviest rain. Sometimes this extends to the second week of August before the August break.

August break is the period that rain stops for a while say, a week before returning again.

So, this is about my tropical African country – we don’t have summer but the name summer is now entering the mouths of our people gradually – I’m afraid soon our dry season will be know as summer. Again, I don’t know how ideal that is.

What is hot, sunny weather called in your country or the country where you reside? Summer? Dry season?

Today’s poem: Heavy Drops Of Rain by Florence Ezekafor

This is 4th of August and rain is still pouring every day in Nigeria but as can be seen, it’s dancing its last. Soon the dry season will be here.

Today’s poem talks about how rain makes us feel especially the heavy rain. During heavy rain, people tend to be passive as they wait for the rain to stop. Some people don’t like rain because it effects business and outdoor activities.

I love to spend this time in my bed if I happen to be indoors.

When I’m not indoor during a heavy rain, I miss my bed, believe me.

When indoor, as the rain starts to drop on the roof of my house, I feel so happy and relaxed – as happy and as excited as a kid.

A very important thing for me to do at that time is to abandon every work, lie down my cosy bed, and cover myself up from hair to toe with the softest and warmest duvet.

I don’t like the constant rumbling of thunder during rain but I like the sudden loud crack of thunder, the kind that could make me cuddle tighter with my duvet and literally make me want to vanish into its warmth.

But as the heavy rain begins to subside, I feel somehow as if my world is about to crash into something and wreck.

I feel that something so good is coming to an abrupt end and that doesn’t bring good feeling at all.

Oh! How I dislike the end of heavy rain

The Poem: Heavy Drops Of Rain

Listen to the melodious drops of rain

Tunefully pitter-pattering on the plain

The harmonious drops work to drain

Vicious brutes from the voice of men

Defaulted feelings, blissful in the main

Excitement grips tensed mood to claim

The willing blankets hands long to gain

Tired bodies pleasant warm to feign

Loud crack of thunder bodies to strain

Better the bodies love the face of rain

Creeping timely worries yield to chain

The minds jolly’s kept on a tight rein

Soon, worry’ll creep to wreck the brain

Hearts’ll moan as mouths sigh in vain

Time’ll come to leave the bliss in pain

When the downpour suddenly wane

11 thoughts on “My Tropical Savanna Climate”

  1. Let me title your poem as “Ode to the Downpour” 😎. Don’t worry, you won’t need to pay for it.

    Anyway, just like you, I love it when it’s pouring down heavily while I’m at home. Personally, I hate being in the rain or been in a not-so-comfortable place when it’s raining. The beauty of the rain can only be well appreciated in the comfort of my bed. Meanwhile, I don’t like those drizzles that seem not to know when it has overstayed its welcome.

    As for the summer business, may the good Lord just help us. There is something about our folks that makes them always want to conform to Western ways in every area, even when it has to do with something we obviously don’t share in common. The scenario is mostly depicted in most of the present-day private schools. Most of them now call the period of the longterm break summer 😒. We’ll be alright laslas.

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    1. 😀I’m so changing the title of this poem Ayan. Forgive me but thank you for that beautiful title.
      Good to know we share the same ‘rain attitude’ The non-stop drizzle is annoying. You’re right Ayan.Our people come home with many terms and culture that won’t leave us any soon There are things that are difficult to control but it’s okay as long as the kids get to know that summer is a borrowed weather term.

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