Reblog – BEFORE THE FALL By Ayansola Ibukun

Pride, indomitably, is capable of initiating the fall of the creature called man and when one is full of himself and thinks highly of no one else other than himself, with little or no reverence for his creator, the drop is surely near.

BEFORE THE FALL By Ayansola Ibukun.

His name was Mila

He lived above all yet beneath all
A creation who acted like the creator
Ever boastful, forgetting his palm kernel was cracked by a benevolent spirit

All knowing yet with the least incline
A bloated head of nothing but nothing
Eyes as bright as the bat at noonday
Ears so attentive to none but his own counsel
His thoughts? Warped
Feelings of exaggerated self-esteem
Lived in a world where he alone was fit to thrive
That’s how best to describe him

He was decked in splendour
But not a farthing to spare for his fellow earthlings

Never had a shred of sympathy for the needy
For his sense of empathy was long seared in the couldron of vanity – via BEFORE THE FALL