Unforeseen Dilemma 2

The doorbell rang and he paused his dancing to listen. He resumed his dance. Another knock came. He walked to the music set and turned it down.

“Expecting someone?”

“No. Should be my neighbour.” Sarah replied, hopeful.

“Your friend?”

Sarah nodded.

“Get the door. Don’t put her in trouble. Make sure she goes away, back to the safety of her home.”

“It’ll be hard to make her go. This is her second home.”

“Just make sure she goes away and thinks everything is alright with you. I don’t care how you do it. Just do it,” He said and rushed to the dinning, got her hand bag and threw it to her. Sarah looked at it wondering what she was supposed to do with it. Another knock on the door.

“Go, go. ” he whispered.

Sarah adjusted her countenance and took a stride toward the door.

“Hey!” He said and Sarah stopped. “One more thing. Sorry, I forgot to tell you that I have your mother locked away somewhere she will never be found by anyone,” he said in a whisper. “Her life is on your palms. Go now,” Sarah continued to the door. Her fingers and legs trembled. At the door she calmed down.

“Wait.” He signalled, rushed to the sofa. Got the second pistol, rushed to the centre table, took the second whine glass, looked around, rushed to the mat, got the crushed cigarette and hastened to the loby. Sarah watched the loby door close, waited a little and opened the front door.

“What took you so long,” Janet said and swept past her as if blown by the wind into the flat.

“Heyyyyy, Janet. Welcome! How was your day?”, she said and looked at her wrist watch? “Just about to rush out, “

“To where? What happened? You just came back. Is everything alright?”

“My MD called. Said it’s very urgent. Won’t be coming back till tomorrow morning.”

“Really?” She asked suspiciously. And sniffed. “What the— cigarrette. Unusual. This is strong. Who came before me. Anyone I should know about? You hate smokers, I’m sure.” she chatted looking around for God-knows what. Sarah followed her around making sure she didn’t enter the loby. She settled in the sofa and stretched herself out. Sarah stood before her. “Why are you looking at me that way? Anyway, I would like to watch some movies before I hit the bed. Please leave your key with me as usual. I’ll take care of your…..

“Please please, Janet, I don’t have much time, please. This is important and urgent.”

“I didn’t say you shouldn’t go. Just leave the key for me as you used to.”

“I’ll come back very early in the morning and I don’t want to wake you up, “

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Where is your spare key?”

“I misplaced it.”

Janet glared at her hard. Scruitnizing teasingly. She smelled something fishy alright. The cigarette, the rushing, the obvious lies. Something must be wrong. Sarah had started seeing someone she didn’t want her to know about and she was certain the man was in the bedroom smoking. Was that the kind of man Sarah was seeing? She would let her be but she was sure to raise the issue tomorrow.

“If you say so.”

“Thank you so much. I’ll make it up to you. I was about to have my dinner when he called.”

“Did you cook. Can I have something to eat? I’ll be fast.”

“No, no. I didn’t. I wanted to say I was about to prepare dinner. Sorry.”

Janet’s phone rang.

“Oh-, It’s my brother. He’s on his way. I forgot he’s passing the night here. He’s problematic. My parents are out of town. Let me not keep you any longer. I’ll walk you to the road.”

“No Janet. Got to be on my way. My regards to your brother,”

“Okay.” She shrugged her shoulders walk into the passage. “See you in the morning then.” Janet was a very sensitive and smart single girl in her early thirties.
Sarah watched her leave, sighed and shook her head.

Once the door clicked, he came out from his hiding.

“That lady just saved her life. I pray she doesn’t come back. Don’t want to soil my hands much tonight. Sit, please. “
Sarah walked to the table, kept her bag and walk to him.

“What are you going to do with my mother?”

“Your mother? She’s safe. As long as you remained a good girl.”

“What do you want from me?”

“Who is Mr Mark Adams to you?”

“He’s my MD at work.”

“There is more. Tell me.”

“Nothing, He’s only fond of me as his secretary.”

“I believe you.” Sarah knew Mr Adam had wanted to date in the past but had never made any advances. He was a responsible man who loved his family.

“Your assignment is to take your boss, Mark Adams out of his house,  hand him to me and go your way.

Sarah stood up defiantly.

To be continued……

© Florence Ezekafor