Hi everyone. I want to thank you all for your backing. You’re all special people who keep Fiez writing.

What will writing ever be without the reader? What will Fiez ever be without you?

So, Thank You.❤

Loads of thanks to God for making Fiez shine brighter.

Today, I want to remind you to not expect too much from people for sometimes this is where our sorrow come from.

I’m the kind that don’t expect too much from others. We are all human and humans fail. I fail, you fail, we fail.

So, going out everyday expecting too much from people is the saddest way to live and the best way to live and be happy is to not to expect anything at all expect to do your best – for others.

It’s like you do all you can to support other people without expecting them to do the same to you. It is hard but that’s the best way.

It doesn’t mean that people won’t treat you fine, some will but the thing is, they do when you don’t see it coming. People can be full of surprises and you know that surprises happen only when you’re not expecting.

When I hear people say, “I did this for him and see what I’ve got in return,” I say, wow, you should have known that before now. You should have known that people fail sometimes.

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