Unforeseen Dilemma #4

Sarah’s neighbour stood at her bedroom window to check if her brother had arrived at the premise but was surprised to see Sarah moving into a car – with the guy.

Her fears was confirmed. Sarah was seeing someone behind her back. A bad guy – someone she didn’t want her to know abou. How could Sarah do such a thing? She was a good girl. She had changed all of a sudden? She was sure she was going to his place to pass the night.

“Shame on you Sarah!” She said in a low tone. “How could you?” She sighed as the car went off.


The car came to a.halt some few meters away from Mr Adam’s residence and they watched the two uniformed security men talking and laughing.

“Listen, when you enter Mr Adams residence, try and be in your best behaviour. Let’s see how much you love your mother.” He said and the driver looked back at Sarah wearing a surprise look.

“All you need to do is bring him out. We’re being very careful tonight. We don’t want to lose anyone.”

As Sarah waited for more instruction, she kept looking at the driver, wondering if he was sitting on a ‘hot seat’ too. He looked nervous and didn’t utter a word until-

“Can I go now?” The driver asked

“Try not to speak.” He said casually. And moved closer to whisper something into his ears.

“Can’t do this. My wife is lying sick in the hospital and my attention is needed. I explained this to you and you promised to let me and my daughter go once my mission is over.”

“Why do you like to talk too much? I like it more when you’re mute. I love your daughter and I believe you love her more than I do. Keep quiet and do whatever I tell you.” Sarah looked at the driver vibrate in anger and was shocked to know that his daughter was held in ransom.

“This is highly unprofessional. Why are you getting the whole town involved in your crime? If you want to be bad, be bad. It’s wrong to get everyone involved in it.” He continued to nag and Sarah was so much afraid for him. He probably had forgotten the man had a gun but a gunshot had flown past the driver’s cheekbone, hit the line between the dashboard and the windscreen and got lost somewhere before Sarah could finish her thought and she realised the pistol got a silencer.

“You don’t talk to me that way. Be warned. Move Sarah. You have less than five minutes to bring him into this car.” Sarah felt sorry for the man and tried to make a suggestion still shaken by the shot.

“This is a private car. My boss knows I don’t have a car and it will be difficult to convince him to enter it. Let’s use a cab. It will be more realistic.”

He looked thoughtfully at Sarah, ” You’re right but Mr Adam will find a taxi humiliating. Remember he’s a multi-billionaire. Tell him you brought a client. Tell him it’s emergency. Mr….what’s your name Mr?


“Mr James here is a client who desperately needs to see Mr Adams. Go! Good luck.” He said.

Sarah arrived at the door of Mr Adams family house and three more security personnels allowed her in after a thorough search and a call to Mr, Adam to confirm her visist. She entered the living room and met Mr Adams sitting with his younger son playing video game. When he saw her, he stood up with smiles.

“What brings you to my house- at this odd hour? Hope there’s no problem?

“No. No problem at all. It’s just that-.” she paused and walked closer to him. “There’s this man downstairs, he came to my house and said he–

Sarah’s phone rang and she stopped to listen, the voice startled her. It was the same man.

“Excuse me sir.” She said to Mr Adams and stood aside to answer the call.

“Go straight to the point, ” she heard him say and wondered how he got her number and how he knew what she was about to do. “If you don’t want tonight to be bloody, do what I asked you to do. I’ll blow up everyone in that house in the next three minutes if your boss isn’t here with you, starting from now.”

Sarah tried hard to remain calm. The situation was more complicated than she thought.

“What is wrong Sarah? What is it?”

“There’s this man downstairs, a client waiting to see you,” Sarah said with smiles trying very hard to control herself. “I don’t know if you would like to meet him now or tomorrow. He’s so impatient. I’ve explained to him severally that you’re a family man and the night is the only time you have to give some attention to….

“I’ll see him.”


“Yes let’s go.”

Sarah felt so terrible as they walked towards the lift. Mr Adams last son looked on as if saying that his precious time with his father was ruined. She avoided asking for where Mrs Adams was.

To be continued….

©Florence Ezekafor