Sunday Insiration – Peaceful Moment

The gentle breeze stroked my unwilling body lying lazily in my cosy bed until I’m tickled enough to smile. I took in the air flowing in through every channel in it’s purest form to remind me it’s a fresh day of a fresh week.

I looked out the window and listened to the happy chirping of the delighted birds in the serene and peaceful background.

Everyone is still in their houses and the streets are empty, well-rested and cheerful.

This moment of stillness is glorious. It’s brief but satisfying. Soon the cacophony will swallow every calmness and the sun will initiate it’s eagerness to illuminate the world.

I’m happy in the moment. I’ll soon go to church to sing and dance and praise God.

Hope you’re happy wherever you are.

Lots of love❤️💛💙💜💚