A Step In The Right Direction

Hello, my lovely readers!

Welcome to October. This month will certainly leave us better bloggers and writers.

I’m glad I was able to make a post a day for the whole of thirty-one days of the past month and to me, it’s a great achievement.

I started this website in July 2017.

The first year I was busy customizing. You won’t believe it. I spent the first year changing this and that about my website like a child. 🙄

The second-year I customised more, I was never satisfied with the look of things.

I built my website by myself by the way as an amateur. Yes, I was that talented 🤓. So, it took me nearly two years to have some sense and face what I was at WordPress to do. Customising ate my time like termite would an easy wood – it was like a disease I had, an incurable one but somehow, I managed to grow up.

I grew up and here we are🙂.

What happened when I got over my addiction to customization?

I became a serious blogger about five months ago. Before then I was  with 56 followers and barely 15 views a day. So, when I became serious, things began to change for my website.

I became more committed to writing contents and interacting with other bloggers – that’s when I began to grow. And to me, growth means more followers, more visits, more viewers.

Growth doesn’t fall from the sky, it’s a product of hard work – a significant commitment.

So last month I was able to make a post a day without a miss. That’s a good thing. I don’t think I’ve done that before.

I’m excited to share with you my top three posts for last month and want to thank you for being there to support me. I’m working hard towards making my writing better and more helpful. I’m always here for you, any time any day by Gods grace.

My Top Three Posts For September

Here they are – they’re selected based on the most engaging post.

1.I’ll Always Be Here For You

2. The Most Important Things Are The Hardest To Say

3. Bite Of A New Day

I apologise for failing to make a post on Unforseen Dilemma for those of you following it, I promise to make a post on it coming Saturday,  before African Proverbs. Thanks for your understanding.

Happy to have you all
Lots of love

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