What You May Not Know About Ignorance

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An ignorant person has no good image – but do you know that ignorant people enjoy certain level of peace? Do you know that ignorance can be a good guy?

A woman was once asked how she managed to put up with her cheating partner. Her response was that her partner never cheated on her. Of course she didn’t know about it and she was sure her partner never cheated on her. Everyone was amazed. So she didn’t know? She didn’t pry into her partners private affairs. She remained in ignorance and they lived happily.

                  – An English proverb

When my younger brother passed, I was in another state playing in NYSC volleyball pitch, having the fun of my life. And for the six hours it took for me to get to hear about it, I was enjoying my peace and joy.

People are more peaceful in ignorance – fake kind of peace though.

Ignorance can be terrible too.

When you needed to know about something, something you were supposed to know and you didn’t get to know about it – it might be that a friend of yours wedded without telling you–

“You wedded? You mean you wedded? You didn’t tell me? Why did you keep me in the dark? What did I do to deserve this? This is the worst thing a friend could ever do to a friend.”

It definitely feels very awful to be kept in the dark. It’s like a whack in the face.

We need to know what we need to know. Because ignorance is in no way better than knowledge.

We really need to know; the happenings around us and around the world and something about everything.

But we don’t need to know everything in this life especially about people. Try to find out every single thing about them and your relationship with them will suffer. The closer you look the more you find and worse relationship grows.

Life will be so overwhelming to know everything about people and certain things. I mean, some things are important to know but somethings which when we know about thm might break us or our good relationships beyond repair should better remain hidden – if possible.

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  1. “Life will be so overwhelming to know everything about people and certain things”. Absolutely!

    It’s about striking a balance. There are basic/fundamental things one is expected to know of others (depending on the kind/level of relationships). Beyond that, trying to pry is setting one’s self up for disappointments.

    For instance, many partners in a relationships always like to know the truth about gray areas concerning the other patners. However, sometimes, things (the relationship) go south the minute they hear the truth of a situation disclosed. In essence, they like the idea of truth bit may not want to deal with the burden of being told.

    Any which way, we should ensure we stay informed about things that matter and relieve ourselves of the stress of wanting to know all.

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    1. You’re right. When it comes to relationships, especially the ones that lead to lifelong commitments, we should know everything about the other person, if we’re able to go ahead after knowing, it will be better than finding out later to be broken in misery. However, once committed , one shouldn’t pry and push too much – that’s trust. Thank you for your wonderful comment. I appreciate it.

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  2. This one… “But we don’t need to know everything in this life especially about people”, reminds me of Adam and Eve wanting to know everything, and needless to say things turned out bad.


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