Enjoy Deeper Happiness Found In Gratitude

Showing gratitude more often to the people around you for the little things they do can effect your life and theirs positively.

Starting from the sellers in the market, to the security personnel at the doors standing all day to make others safe, to the waiter at the restaurant, to the delivery boy, to the cashiers and receptionists who attend to you and others, to the employees/employers – a thank you could ease their stress and put smiles on their faces and in turn on yours too.

Lots of ingratitude at work, at home and other places tell how people are not being appreciated and these people complain bitterly. But a change of attitude in this regard can go a long way to improve their lives.

Why do some people find it hard to be grateful?

– They hardly see anything to be thankful for.

– They focus on negative past happenings.

– They take every good thing that happens to them for granted.

– They think that people who carry out their duties are doing their jobs and shouldn’t be thanked or appreciated – after all they’re getting paid for it.

What Can Being grateful do in the lives of grateful people?

It has been proven by research that;

– Gratitude correlated with greater happiness, as a result grateful people enjoy profound happiness.

-Grateful people because they’re optimistic deal effortlessly with adversity.

– Showing gratitude can make people healthier – being grateful can boost the immune system.

– Grateful people build stronger relationships with others.

– Did you know that being grateful for little things can draw bigger things to you? Yes it can. It can actually make you richer.

Learn To Show Gratitude

– Let the good deed someone has done supplant the wrong they have done. Always remember the good deeds no matter how bad they turn out in the future.

– Appreciate things in nature each day through reflection.

– Be thankful to God for life and everything you have and are through prayers.

– Tell others about what good someone has done to you. Avoid discussing what wrong they have done.

– Keep journal of the good things that happened to you and be thankful for them each day.

-Appreciate your kids for doing well and for helping out in the house. Thank your parents, siblings, and relations for little things.

– Thank your servants, employees for working well. Before you complain of what bad they have done, thank them for their good efforts.

Whatever happens, never ever give up on being grateful.

Show gratitude more often. Show it, say it, mean it and enjoy the joy that comes with it.

Thank you for reading this post, I’m grateful.

9 thoughts on “Enjoy Deeper Happiness Found In Gratitude”

  1. This is rich and instructive. But what else could one have expected, coming from you?

    You’ll hear our sages say “when you see a man who is full of gratitude, you’ve found a fellow who thinks deeply’. Oftentimes, an ingrate can be likened to a thief who carts away with one’s belongings.

    A fellow who displays gratitude often is sensitive, thoughtful, and full of positive energy.


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