Unforeseen Dilemma #6

Mr Adams driver stopped the car few feet away from where the client‘s scar was waiting. Mr Adams alighted and waited for Sarah.

“We’ll walk to the car, sir. Not sure if he’s coming down.”

“Is he crippled?” Sarah smiled melancholically. So sad he had to use one of his numerous humorous expressions on a black day.

“No, sir. I guess he’ll step out of the car when we’re almost there, ” she said. She had begun to tremble again.

“Are you sure you can walk?” He asked holding her by the upper arm to support her. His bodyguard “Sarah why?” from behind maintaining a respectable distance

“Yes sir, I’m alright. Sir. Thank you.”

As they were about seven feet away, Mr James stepped out of the car and leaned on it. Mr. Adams studied him under the street light. He didn’t look like his usual client.

“Is he the one?”r Adams asked Sarah .

“Yes, sir- he’s one of them. The other man is inside the car,” Sarah said and felt very sick.

They reached the car, Mr Adams smiled at him. He smiled back and leaned forward for a handshake.

“Good evening, Mr Adams.” Mr James said as they exchanged a handshake. I’m James.

“Good evening to you Mr James! How are you doing?”

“I’m doing just fine, sir. Sorry to bug your peaceful evening with my abnormal business visit but I brought a business  which couldn’t wait. Sorry about that.”

“It’s okay Mr James”
Well, sit in my car, Mr Adams.” Mr Adams bodyguard walked closer and waited for instructions.

“Standing is part of my life. Don’t worry. “. “

“I insist Mr Adams, don’t want to keep you standing for the many minutes it might take to talk about this.” Mr Adams looked at Sarah.

“Okay.” He said. His bodyguard opened the front door, passenger’s side and he lowered himself in, leaving the door open and one of his legs outside.

“Now!!!” The Man whispered to the Mr James and, he started the engine. Mr Adam’s bodyguard turned to face the car in surprised.

To be continued……

© Florence Ezekafor

The original plan for this short story was 3000 words but it’s taking itself to wherever it wishes. I’ll follow. Hope to have you behind me. Let’s follow. 💙

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