Happiness Is Like A Butterfly


A poor man had only 500 naira for him and his family to live by. He had four children and a pregnant wife waiting at home for what he would bring home. He had promised them a better life – better meal while leaving in the morning.

Unfortunatly things didn’t work out the way he planned. He only made 500 naira the whole day.On his way home he was worried sick and had to sit to think about his life and how to feed his family with such a meager amount.

He was planning on what to buy with the money when a beggar came along. They were homeless family from far away town – tattered woman with her three malnourished children.

She begged for some money to feed her children. She said they had not eaten for two days and the poor man instead of telling her he didn’t have much to give, gave her the only 500 naira in his possession.

The woman thanked him and as they were walking away he smile. He felt good looking at those children’s faces all lit up. – for just 500 naira. When they were gone, he came back to his senses and began to laugh at himself.

“What a fool I am! Now I have nothing. They will eat while my family goes hungry. I’m such a big fool.” He said to himself, got up and continued on his way home.

As he was going he felt strange. His worry was no more. He tried to worry but all he could feel was joy – from the depth of his heart. it was strange.When he reached home, he noticed food was cooking on the fire.

His neighbour’s son who seldom came home returned that same day just to see his parents and gave his kids ten thousand naira for bread.

He was happy as he went to bed that night- not because he had food to eat but because he was able to feed that woman and her kids without holding anything back.

There is joy in giving from the heart.

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