Domain Chaos 1 – The Dawn Of Chaos

Hon. Eke was a well-known billionaire who had numerous successful business establishments that yielded income, even while he slept.

He had numerous filling stations all over the nation – six large malls located in Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt. In addition, he had a booming mall and a hotel in Dubai and there were rumours he had many other hidden businesses. With all the money machines, there was no limit to his inpouring of hard cash.

He was a well known brilliant philanthropist. Those who happened to have benefited from his excess wealth, worshipped him non-stop, while those looking for the bread crumb from his table of surplus, blew his whistle endlessly.

But Engr. Ndubisi had always had persistent instinctive thoughts that there was something about him – a seemingly inconceivable dark side that no one else could fathom at a glance except Ndubisi.

Ndubisi had always trusted his intuition so much so that when the entire East, West and South sang his praises on the news, he had always folded his arms across his chest, and had condemned the alleged dubious billionaire who he was almost convinced was hiding some vices under the pretence of philanthropy and patriotism.

His judgement of Hon. Eke was strengthened when his attorney Barr. Okechukwu Nwaka paid him an unexpected visit to tell him that the land where he occupied was Hon. Eke’s land, and that he should start making arrangements to move.

Engr. Ndubisi was infuriated by his statement because the six plots of land belonged to his late father, who purchased the property fifteen years ago, through Nibo-Nile Community Chief. Afterwards, his father – Mr, Ifeanyi Ike built a twin three-story building facing each other on it, where he lived with his family and some tenants before his death.

“How is this even possible?” he had asked the lawyer when he handed him a copy of Hon. Eke’s legal documents including the proof of ownership of the land.

“This happens always Engr. Ndubisi. There are scammers out there. Your Father might have been a victim of a scam. ”

“A community chief couldn’t have scammed my father. He was a very good friend of his and a respectable man.

“Where you there when the documentation process took place? Can you prove in the court of law that he bought that land from the real chief and not someone acting like one.”

“As I said before, they were friends and my father knew him in person.”

Ndubisi excused himself and later came back with a briefcase from which he brought out a file. The others watched as he brought out some papers.

“I have the complete legal document here. Including the one that has the Chief’s signature on it. My lawyer will show it to the court when the time comes.”

“So does Hon. Eke here. The complete document is here. ” the lawyer interrupted.

“Let the court decide then,” Ndubisi said.

“You want to sue?” Asked the attorney.

“No. Hon. Eke can sue if he wants. I’m not giving my father’s property to anyone. I strongly stand by my word. What baffles me is why he waited for fifteen years before coming to declare ownership of this property.”

“You should know that Hon. Eke is a very busy man,” he said and scratched his right ear with the tip of his pen.

“What about his property lawyer? Was he busy too? Something is fishing here and I’m sure it’ll be let bare soon.”

“What are you implying?”

“No further comments. As I said, he can sue if he wants. I’m sure that this land belongs to my late father.

“Okay. But, I would advise you to make haste while the sun shines. There are people you don’t meddle with. Sell your structure to Hon. Eke, get property somewhere else and move out. Simple. Stay away from trouble Engr. Ndubisi. It’s just good advice from me as one of Hon. Eke’s attornies,” he said on a final note and left his house with his entourage, putting him and his family in a state of anxiety. He later calmed down but his mother and wife were terrified.

On that day Ndubisi also had another intuition that the sacred cow, Hon. Eke had mysteriously found out he didn’t appeal to him and had decided to frustrate his life.

To be continued…….

© Florence Ezekafor


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