Unforeseen Dilemma #7

“Thank you, Sarah,” The Man said after a tensed silence during which James drove with resentment in the direction he was compelled to.

Sarah was furious. “You brought me into this. Don’t make it seem like I partner with you. It’s entirely your crime, remember,” She barked at him not minding he had a weapon.

“I know. I know. My apologies, ” he said in an annoying calm manner. “But you had an option to make me kill those people. I’m glad you danced to my tune exactly as I wanted you to. I hate killing people. I’m a good guy. But I could if I’m forced to. You saved them. That’s why I’m thanking you. But if you don’t want me to, it’s fine,” he said and inspected Mr Adams who appeared rather too relaxed for his liking. He expected him to be unsettled.

“Turn to the left James.” The man said and Sarah scowled at him.

She was infuriated to a blasting point. A plan went on in her heart. She wasn’t sure what the repercussions would be but she was determined to take the risk.

She was supposed to ask about her mother and why The Man had failed to keep his promise to release her once Mr Adams was handed to him but it wasn’t a good time. Not when she was sick with the guilt of treason. She had gotten her boss in a fishnet!

James turned to the left as ordered to. He drove through the unfamiliar bumpy, dusty, and lonely road with bushes on both sides.

“Where are you taking us to?” Sarah asked.

“Oh, Sarah! You worry too much, ” The man said. He seemed weary but at vigilant.

Sarah took the risk. She acted quick without a second thought. With her elbow she hit him hard on the chest. He moaned and dropped his gun. Sarah thought he was acting. That little nudge couldn’t have made him drop his weapon – his only power. After waiting for him to act and he didn’t, Sarah slowly picked the gun.

“Your hands behind your head.” She ordered.

He obeyed.

“Open the door.”

“How can I with my hands behind my head?” Mr. Adams rushed and opened the door. He dragged him out of the car and pushed him to the bush.

“Sarah don’t shoot yet!”

That was very easy – more than she thought. But a shot came from behind. It was in the air – by Mr. James.

“What are you doing? Sarah was stunned.

“My daughter is in the hands of this gang. I want her alive. Please let him go.” Sarah glared at him.

But Mr. Adams had another plan which James needed to be convinced about.

Sarah wasn’t sure James was on their side. He could be one of them.