Write With Ease: Write From Experience

A Chinese saying goes, “If you are not a fish, how can you know if the fish are happy?”

Walking in a certain shoe gives you the understanding of how it feels like to walk in that shoe and that also makes talking about it easy and factual.

If you don’t have an experience in whatever topic you’re writing about, it makes writing about it a big deal with lots of research and experiments and all that.

I don’t mean that if you don’t have experience in a certain topic area, you shouldn’t write about it. Know that a lot of writers have come up with glorious articles without firsthand experience.

This post is all about how experience can make writing easier – less laborious.

I have not experienced Halloween and I’m definitely not the right person to talk or write about it in detail.

In the same manner writing on war-related articles or stories will be a tough task for someone who has not experienced war live.

Again, if I should write about people’s culture, I must have had an experience of that culture either by observation or by participation, to be able to do a great job out of it.

Every writing is inspired by a phenomenon – something that happened or something perceived – whether read, heard, or experienced.

The best part is the experience and if the experience is not in fragments but comprehensive, it becomes even better. The deeper the experience, the better the ease of writing.

When you write from experience, words flow like magic and work takes a shorter time to accomplish.

Get Every Experience You Can

This calls for lots and lots of interactions.

As a writer, you should have an invisible binocular – to capture the details.

Not in a way that will present you as a weirdo or make people hide from you like they would from a paparazzi, but in a sensible manner.

Don’t wait for the experience to happen. Search for them. Gather them and write with them.

One more thing.

Do you know that if you have all the experiences but do not have the right words to get it across, writing about it can be hard?

Here is why.

Writing is all about expressing yourself through your written words. If you don’t have the words you should as well become a painter. So you can express your experience through painting.

As a writer, you must have the words to recount and clarify your experience.

To solve this problem, read like without reading you’re done for. Read immensely to get accustomed to words and use of words.

Do this..

Cease every opportunity to gain experience.  Attend events. Visit places – it could be exotic or familiar places. Be observant, listen,  study the surrounding. Listen to people talk. If something new is happening, be there live. Take pictures. Take notes – with your phone.

Stay away from harm as you try to gain experience.

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