Domain Choas 2 – The Offer

Engr Ndubisi was worried sick and to pre-empt his brain cells from popping, he stood up, secured his sweaty hands in his pockets, strolled to his office glass window and allowed his bloodshot eyes to scan what he thought was the pretty messed-up world.

His focus was on the people before him hurrying to God-knows-where. He mused about Hon. Eke, who had called him two days following the visit of his lawyer and had offered him One Hundred and Fifty Million Naira to leave the so-called land property of his, purchase land somewhere else and build a better house.

“I know this property we’re talking about belongs to me Engr. but I’m offering you money for it. I don’t want to make trouble with you. Neither do I want to force you out of that land nor take you to court. I just want peace to reign. Take this money from me and give peace a chance. This money can buy you more plots of land than you occupy. Take it Engr.” he had pleaded like a very good man but Ndubisi could not be swindled by his grandiloquent mawkish words.

He had been annoyed to the medulla of his being instead. Who did Hon Eke think he was? Schmo?

Matters had become worse when everyone in Engr Ndubisi’s family began to say that Hon. Eke was a very good man and kind too for offering to give such amount. They praised his goodwill and non-aggressive approach. Ndubisi was tormented by their incomprehension.

“Going to the court with a billionaire is not wise Ndubisi. I beg you, collect the money he’s offering and stay away from trouble.” his mum had advised.

That had sounded familiar, Hon. Eke’s a lawyer had said the same thing, “sell the land to my client and stay out of trouble.”

What trouble?

Would Eke make trouble with him over something that belonged to him? Had they all been blinded to the fact that he didn’t place his property out there for sale? Did they not see the turbulence, Hon. Eke had stirred?

If he were to collect that money, he would regret it forever and he was sure his father would not be happy wherever he was.

So, as he stood at his office window, he found himself in tenterhooks – how would he fight Hon. Eke?

He had contacted many lawyers to seek their counsel and support, but they all had discouraged him from fighting.

“What courage does a fly have to fight a lion with? What strength? Take that money from him and stay out of trouble.” One of them had said and he thought cowardice played in his head.

He walked back to his desk, touched and felt everything on it absent-mindedly – deep in thoughts, before walking to his chair.

After rolling the ergonomic chair from left to right and round, he picked up the phone, looked at it for a few seconds and dialled the number of his family lawyer, Barrister Collins Ikedi.

Barrister Collins Ikedi was retired lawyer in his late seventies. He had been a friend of Ndubisi’s father and a very kind and useful one but he didn’t think he would be strong enough to support him.

He had not talked to him in a while and had said nothing about the problem at hand.

He should have but he thought a retiree won’t serve. Nonetheless, he was sure Barrister Ikedi would give good counsel on how to go about the present chaos.

When he didn’t pick the call, he dialled again and waited.

To be continued…

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