Unforeseen Dilemma #8

James ordered Sarah to hand the gun to him. “Your mother is at risk here and so is my daughter and Mr. Adams family. Hand me the gun, “

“Who are you?” Sarah asked James wondering how he got the weapon. Was he having the it all along before The Man got him? Did The Man give it to him for the incident?

“My child is with these people. Don’t want to lose her. If anything happens to him, they’ll kill her, ” James said shaking.

“What about Mr. Adams? His life is also at stake here, don’t forget that, “Sarah said.

“They won’t kill him. Hand me the gun, Can’t you see this is kidnap? All they want is his money.” James said and shot the gun in the bush, close to where Sarah stood. She dropped tbe gun and raised her hands.

“Move away from him.” James said. The Man moved his hand to pick the gun but he was warned not to. James picked the gun.

“Listen James, I can handle this issue in such a way that every one involved will be safe. Hand the weapon over to me. Let me handle this, ” Mr. Adams persuaded him but he insisted. Sarah had not stopped thinking James was one of the criminals.

“You’ll pay for this. You all will dearly pay for this, ” The Man said still sitting in the bush with his hands behind his head.

James ordered Sarah and Mr Adams to step back into the car and The Man to come along.

“Don’t do this. It’s not the best option.” Mr Adams said.

This is the only option sir. Don’t worry. Once they get the money they’re looking for, they’ll release you.

They turned when they heard the man rushing towards them. James was taken unawares

“Shoot him somewhere safe James, ” But James knew that shooting him wasn’t among the options.

The man kicked him hard on the chest. The two guns somehow flew over the car and landed on the other side of the bush. The four of them ran into the bush in search of the guns.

A car came along the road right ahead of them and James stopped the search to move the car out of the way. Inasmuch as he didn’t want any of them to pick the two weapons, he didn’t want a passer-by to find out what was happening.


© Florence Ezekafor