Domain Chaos 3 – At Barr Ikedi’s Residence

Engr. Ndubisi stopped in front of Barr Ikedi’s residence. As he worked to remove his car key from the ignition, he cast a sharp look at the structure which stood as the best a couple of decades ago.

The house – a storey building he once admired had lost its modenity and glory. It had fallen out of trend and even though it had been touched here and there in an effort to keep it in style, it no longer appealed to him.

Ndubisi noticed another building in progress – unfinished but solid stucture about ten feet away from the old building and presumed his son – a medical doctor in the United State of America had decided to register his sonship and build a house.

Back then, Barr. Ikedi had constantly complained about how his son had lost his head to America. Ten years after his Medical Degree at Harvard University, he had not come home.

Dr Okechukwu did very well at school and his father wanted show off his son’s success to his friends and well-wishers. But he was not able to make it home because he secured a job. Ten years later, Okechukwu, the only son of Barr Ikedi, was yet to come home. His father bemoaned and his mother was saddend. They only held to his phone calls, hoping he could one day turn a new leaf and visit.


Ndubisi walked to the gate and before he could press the worn-out bell switch by the old gate, he wondered if it still worked and linggered as he heard the shuffling of feet towards the gate.

The door opened and Mrs. Ikedi greeted him with a rich grin. It’s great she still looked as beautiful, as vital and as well-groomed as ever, even though some defiant greys have made their ways up her usual thick black hair.

He greeted and she leaned forward for a brief hug.

“Ndubisi! Where have you been? America?”

“No Ma’am! I’ve been around. Out of sight is not out of mind Ma’am.” He grinned. She had a way of making moments easy. He thought about her son and knew she made the ‘America’ comment because of him.

“How is your mother?”

“She’s fine Ma.”

“Come with me,” she led him to the porch where Barr Ikedi was stretched out on a divan.

To be continued….

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