Have You Ever Lied?

There were times when I thought that lying was a survival mechanism and and human tool for sustainance – you know, but that’s an illusion.

I’ve grown up now. I have kids in my surrounding to show the right path of life. That’s just by the way.

Have you ever lied?

Whenever this question comes up, people tend to avoid it because first of all why should should someone in their right senses ask someone that is human if he or she has ever lied.

The asker should have know that we all people are like fish in the water, no matter what happens, people can’t escape the water and live. Right?

Are there exceptions? Like fishes who can survive without water?

Despite the above statement, I believe there are people who are free from this very lying habit.

I can tell you how.

You are no liar when no one knows you as one.

In other words, no one has caught you with a lie.

You are different from a known liar or a notorious liar.

A notorious liar is a habitual liar who can lie everytime even in the face of the truth – when the truth is obvious and this liar can get everyone to listen and believe a lie.

If you’re an African, you’ve probably heard the statement, “You can lie for Africa.”

Maybe, just maybe you’ve heard about this utterance but do not know about the the possible connotation.

I’ve been opportune to catch some younsters using the abusive statement in Nigeria. I think you might want to listen to the meaning according to the youngsters.

“What does it mean to lie for Africa?”

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“When lie comes easily to someone, you say that the person can lie for Africa–“

“If someone tells a lie which is easily detectable — A liar who can lie even when he knows he has no opportunity to lie – that people already know the truth. Yet, this person goes ahead to tell a lie in spite of the obvious and glaring truth—” πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

“The person who can lie for Africa, can out of all the African liars be the best liar – like if there is a lying contest, this person could take the trophy home as the champion —-” πŸ€—πŸ˜€ this one got me laughing hard.

I’m not sure if this statement and it’s meaning is of general African usage or just my Nigerian “abusive” statement. In any case, I only want to make a point with it.

People lie – and some lies are more dangerous than the others

We have those fibs we think it’s nothing and there are big, fat lies. They are all lies.

Research has it that 60% of lies happen during normal conversations when people try to appear likeable and eligible. Just a little lie here and there to polish the “imperfect story, ” to be perfect and pleasing to the ear.

People lie for so many reasons

People lie to escape punishment

People lie to appear likeable

People lie to fit in

People lie to appear competent

People lie to hide their little or big secrets

People lie to polish their real stories- they exaggerated to make it more appealing or more grievous.

You ask yourself, why would someone want to lie for the above reasons when the truth is likely to come out eventually? Is it not more competent to tell the truth and suffer the consequences? Is it not more honourable?

Who are the victims of these lies

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Strangers
  • Judges
  • Leaders
  • Employers
  • Interviewers
  • Employees
  • Readers
  • Customers
  • Students
  • Etc

To make matters worse, sometimes, the victims do not find out they’re being lied to until later in life, if ever they ever find out.

No Lie Is A good Lie – Somene somehow gets hurt in the process.

A quote From John Grisham’s ‘The Client’

“It’s amazing how lies grow. You start with a small one that seems easy to cover, then you get boxed in and tell another one. Then another. People believe you at first, then they act upon your lies, and you catch yourself wishing you’d simply told the truth”
John Grisham

“Do Not Lie”

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Do not lie to friends or family

The last person you will want to lie to is the person who expects the truth and nothing but the truth from you, someone who will never throw you away because you told the truth – especially friends and family. Not that it’s good to lie to others but these are the people you take lie far away from. It’s an advice.

When friends or family gather, they gather based on trust and when that trust is breached, loopholes are created. Relationship gaps are initiated, before you know it, the bond is broken and the relationship is history

You can commit more grievous offence other than a lie behind a friend and once you come out with the truth and apologise, the friend is likely to forgive. Confessing and apologising can wipe away your wrong before them and even if they don’t forgive, the trust you and nothing strengthens a relationship more than trust based on truth.

But when you commit a little offence and lie about it, the friend can’t trust you anymore.

Just tell one lie and ruin your relationship.

Do Not Lie To An Employer

When I see some people tell a lie on their resume, I wonder why they should do that.

Because an employer says he wants a candidate between the age of 35 – 40 is not the reason why you should increase your age or refuse it to fit in. Tell them your age and tell them the reason why you can do better than those in that age bracket.

Some applicants do not have the needed skills that they claim. Some use a forged certificate to get a good paying jobs. They succeed only for a while and get kicked out the truth comes up.

Truth can’t be buried for long, it can only stay under the earth for a while. One day, probably after a long time, when you aren’t expecting, it brings out it’s hand, as youre trying frantically to cover it’s hand the leg comes out, then the head, then the mouth opens. Once the mouth opens, you’re done – game over.

Do Not Lie In Court

Why do the innocent people go to jail while the guilty ones go free? People tell lie in court to cover the truth and if we can stop that lie,

To be lied to feels very bad. Terrible and no one likes it.

Its better to tell the truth and be hated than to live a fake life built on lies.

Do Not Lie To Protect

People think it’s honourable to lie for a friend. A friend commits an offence say, rape, and you offer him a protection in the form of a lie told to the people whose duty is to bring justice.

That’s not the right thing to do.

In the case above, you’re supposed to make sure the victim gets justice and your friend gets his due verdict. Such act is not coverable. It’s not the kind you say, hey, I love you girl, let me cover for you. I can do it for you. What are friends for? Friends protect each other right?

The real love you should for anyone is making sure they’re in their best behaviour – look out for any bad behaviour and talk them out of it. If you’re the good one, they must follow your step or your separate ways. Light and darkness can’t coexist neither do good and evil.

You can live without lying. Can’t you?

Easier said than done, right?

It probably is, but I still believe there are people who don’t lie.

Be among them.

If they are 2% of the world’s populace, squeeze yourself in there. Be among them. Be homourable.

To do this you need to first of all understand how hurtful a lie can be.

You dont want to be lied to, then dont lie to anyone.

What Happens To People Who Avoid Lies

They earn themselves some enemies and some good friends as well.

It’s one funny thing about the world, if you lie, some people will avoid you, if you tell the truth, some people will avoid you as well. Go ahead an tell the truth or keep quiet if keeping quiet is the wise thing to do.

Do this

Make it a habit to tell the truth.

Instead of telling a lie, keep quiet – let no lie out

Know that,

The truth will surely come out someday and when it does, you’ll feel very awful – lifetime regret.

Why not tell the truth now and and be like anπŸ˜‡ πŸ˜‡.

Much ❀️ 😍

Β© Floerence Ezekafor

As a human I’ve been wondering, what do you do when you need to lie to save yourself or someone else from eminent danger with no crime involved? Do you think lying is justified at this point?

Write your answer in the comment.

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  1. Good question Florence and a good post πŸ‘
    You know we lie much more to ourselves than to othersπŸ˜‡ We constantly tell lies to ourselves and then start to believe these lies.
    Yes, at times it is better to lie to help someone. Why is much more important than What.
    Love πŸ€—

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      1. It depends why and when are you lying. When I was younger, I lyed very often, probably because I wanted to make some impression that I am so important. Of course, there are moments when it is very important, and maybe your life or life of others are in stake, like when Catholic Church lied to Nazists during the WWII that they are were not hidding Jews in their Churches and Monasteries.

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