Sacrifice Is Pain

What does sacrifice mean to you?

Sacrifice means pain – feeling of pain while doing something for the good of others. No matter how shallow the pain is, it shows something is going out of you.

For sacrifice to happen love must be in the picture and pain must follow.

As they smile and receive your sacrificial help, you find out that deep inside you, you feel like a moron because you have lost something valuable, something you couldn’t have given out for all the gold in the world – That’s sacrifice.

It should pain for you to give out the ONLY food you have to eat to someone who didn’t have any food to eat.

It should pain to give out your most expensive lovely new clothes to someone who needs it more than you

It should be painful to accept to be punished in place of someone else.

But what is the highest point of sacrifice?

Dying In Place Of Another

Who can do this?

You might have heard about the story once told of a child who was once sick and all he needed to survive was a blood transfusion.

Both of his parents were not his match and the only option left was his brother.

The parents talked to their son about the need for his blood for his brother to live and that made him cry. They were not sure why he cried because he was never scared of the needle piercing his skin for an injection.

The parents tried to explain to him that drawing blood from him won’t hurt – it’s just like taking an injection. Once the needle is in, that’s it.

At a point he made a decision and accepted to do it. They were happy with him and praised him. His last word before the syringe entered his body was,

“I’m doing this so that my brother could live. I’m doing it for my brother.”

But in the process of drawing the blood, he began to cry again. His mother asked him if he was feeling pains and he said no.

The tears kept flowing.

When the drawing was almost done,he called his mother and asked a touching question, “Mummy, how long will it take for me to die?”


Everyone was amazed. So all the while the little boy had the thought that he was going to die after donating his blood to his brother?

To him, once someone donates blood to someone else, the donor dies while the acceptor lives – that’s his level of understanding at that age.

For those who hear this story, it becomes a food for deep thought.

This little boy accepted to do what no one could have done. He did not just accept to die for another to live, he practically died. That was the highest point of sacrifice.

What do you feel when you sacrifice for others?








Well, it’s normal. You sacrifice, you feel the pain.

I’ve once felt like a big fool after giving someone who had only one shoe four of my new shoes as if I was *jazzed” and to be honest, I didnt have many shoes at the time. I had only six good shoes.

Now, what could make someone in her correct senses do that?

The driving force for sacrifice must be something beyond human – something deep, divine, pure and powerful.

Do you remember someone who has paid a price for you?

Have you ever sacrificed something in life for someone to feel good?

Do you have any plans to sacrifice something in life?

The more you sacrifice, the more content you feel and the happier and simpler you life becomes.

© Florence Ezekafor

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  1. Yes with pain comes sacrifice and that example of the boy is an interesting example. I’ve sacrificed money for the comfortability of others and held myself back for others to be at peace.

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    1. That’s wonderful Ash. I’ve met two people in the past fighting over a truffle and I said to myself, if only one of them could step down for peace to reign. It’s hard to hold back for peace to shine – that’s sacrifice. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

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