Domain Chaos # 5 – The Quit Notice.

Ndubisi got home to the incredible news that he had been served with a quit notice.

The Land and Property Bureau had given him barely two months to pick his things and vacate Hon. Eke’s land. The notice claimed that the land in question was not registered under his father’s name but Hon. Eke’s. They requested him to report to their office with immediate effect for further inquiries and clarification.

It was a hard slap on his face. Everything was happening too fast. With the claim that the land was not registered under his father’s name, keeping his head above the water in the struggle seemed unthinkable.

“Did I not tell you to collect the one hundred and fifty million naira from this man? Now see what it’s all leading to. I knew it was going to come to this. What are you going to do?” his mother confronted him while he leaned on the balcony rail of the balcony, shaking one of his legs in anger.

“Mama, the last thing I need now is condemnation and admonition. I need you to support me in this. Let’s all stand together as a family. It will help us.” Ndubisi implored.

“You’re being too tenacious, Ndubisi. Listen to what I, your mother am saying. I’m the one who started cooking before you and I surely have more cooking utensils than you. I will never mislead you. Listen to me my son. You should know that if your father were here, he would have said the same thing to you.”

Ndubisi turned to face her. The statement about his father touched and tears clouded his eyes. To have a father around covers up a lot of attacks from outsiders. He loved how his father gave no one chance to intimidate him and his family while he was alive.

“Mama, if my father were here, Hon. Eke wouldn’t have surfaced to drag this land with him. If he would, why didn’t he show up when father was alive?

Ndubisi’s wife joined them.

Both women joined hands to persuade Ndubisi to give Hon. Eke a call to accept his offer. But Ndubisi left both of them while they talked and drove off. He didn’t know where he was heading to. He needed to have some quiet to think of a plan.

Ndubisi was all alone. It’s hard for him to beat this man without a proponent or even a cheerleader.

He needed to sue Hon. Eke. It didn’t sound well to him but to him, that’s the only option.

After making his decision, Ndubisi called Barr Ikedi to let him know about the turn-up of things and what he had decided to do, but the retired lawyer told him that Hon. Eke owned the court.

“Forgive me, sir, but it’s absurd to say he owns the court. The battle is not always to the mighty man, neither is the race to the swifter man. Anything can happen, sir.” He said over the phone.

“I know what I’m saying young man. It’s impossible to win a court case with him as the other party.” Barr Ikedi retorted.

But as far as Ndubisi was concerned, no one owned the court in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He was positive that the case would end in his favour and with that in mind, he was bent to search for a strong incorruptible lawyer to stand for him in the Court of Law.

© Florence Ezekafor