Unforeseen Dilemma #9

The approaching car beeped a horn and James noticed it was a police patrol team.

He composed himself, lowered himself in his car and moved it aside. The driver stopped by him.

“Is everything alright?”

“I’m okay. Wanted to ease myself but had to move my car out of the way so you could pass.”

“Really” One of them said and within him James wasn’t comfortable with that. The Ofificer sounded sceptical.

“Yes.” James responded hoping they would get going before something happened to reveal the rest of them and what he was endeavoring to conceal.

“Are you alone?” Another asked and James failed to understand what kind of question that was. They had met him alone. Hadn’t they? He swore within him not to answer such a silly question.

“Are you sure nothing is happening around here?” He asked pointing his flashlights James noticed he was reading him.

“None that I know of, Officer. If you don’t mind, let me get down and ease myself.”

“Of course. Do what you need to do my friend. Be quick so we can check your boot.” The intrusive Officer and sat on the bonnet of James’s car. It seemed they were in no hurry.

“The car boot is open.”

“No. I’ll be needing you to be here during my search.” He said as James walked away from them.

As he was coming back, the three policemen were focusing on spot of the bush were his companions were. James became anxious.

“What’s that?” He heard one of them ask. His torchlight flashing.

James hastened to them to distract them.

“Come check my boot, officer. Need to be on my way at once. I’m going to the hospital to see my wife.”

“Did you hear that? Someone is in that bush. He’s running!” The two of them ran into the bush while one stayed with James to listen to his story and delay for then to return.

© Florence Ezekafor