Do Not Be Fooled By The Calendar

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Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are as many days in a year as you make use of. One man gets a week’s value out of a year while another gets a year’s value out of a week.
– Charles RechardsI

I’ve been pondering over this quote by Charles Rechards all day.

On the 31st December of every year, we have these days of the next year laid before us – a complete 365 days – intact, in its fullness.

On day one of the year, the time begins to tick by, starting with a second through minutes to hours. As the clock ticks by, it’s normal for us to relax, filled with hope that there are still lots of days left in our hands – it’s seconds or minutes or hours that have passed after all – there are still lots of days left.

But through these time measures, the 365 days are been eaten away, just like taking bites off a huge apple, bit by bit.

When half of the apple is eaten – six months have gone and it becomes obvious😳. The year is half gone! It’s now time to finish up. This is the time people exclaim- “How time flies!”

The fact is, time doesn’t fly at all. It moves as should. It only seems as though it has fown by when we’ve not been able to make proper use of it – when we watch it slip through our fingers, like the desert sand. We fail to catch up with it and use it wisely.

When the year is ten months gone, one is likely to begin to make haste, like a millipede hit by something, but then one is already stranded.

Out of three hundred and sixty five years of this year, how many days have you been able to make use of? – That’s exactly the number of days in your year. If you have made good use of ten days, you have only ten days in your calender.

Think about it and put the remaining days in use – it’s funny we have only few days to go but don’t worry too much. If you make good use of one day, it could yield years worth of benefits.

How well you use your time determines how competent you’ll feel when you look back at the end of the year.

Make smart use of your time.

24 thoughts on “Do Not Be Fooled By The Calendar”

  1. This is so true . have been wasting my time this past days and it seems to have left me in a spot while its so far ahead of me . but then I decided on working with it ,I drew up a timetable so I can keep up with time and make good use of my day . thanks for sharing

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    1. Glad you found a way out. Use of schedule/time table is the best way out of this. Another challenge could be being faithful to it but then as long as the time table is there, you have conquered long term procrastination. Thank you for leaving a comment.

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        1. You’re really a diehard scheduler. I think I should add this to the post. Some of us should be needing an alarm clock not only to wake us up in the morning but to remind and help us make good use of time. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I read an article yesterday that said summer is nearly over, that made me sit up, so did this, still on for a successful 2019, time to review my beginning of year goals!
    “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

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  3. I was always used to saying time flies. But as you said in your post time moves as it should. We are the one to make use of it wisely. Thank you for sharing this. It’s a wake up call.

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  4. It is so interesting, synchronistic Florence that I just finished writing about time and opened your post 😊
    Time doesn’t come and doesn’t go. It is just a screen on which we play our dramas. Yes, we should be careful of the roles we play 😇
    Charles Rechard’s quote is awesome 👏

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  5. Thought-provoking that. I love the part where you said time really doesn’t fly. It only seems so when we’ve refused to the needful with it. Your post also inspires hope as well; “The sun in the sky is still intense enough to dry one’s washings”. The difference between the successful fellow and the mediocre is how each manages/maximizes his/her time. I salute you!

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        1. 😀I knew you would ask me why. Anyway, you deserved it. Take it from Fiez, not me😀. Anyone who finds time to leave a comment on my blog deserves an appreciation and much more when the comment adds more to the blog like yours.

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  6. I love this. Indeed don’t be fooled by the calendar. We are all given 24 hours in the day by God’s grace. Some choose to use it to sleep while others make their bed and start planting seeds for tomorrow. Time hasn’t passed. I guess it’s a saying we are used to stating. Time flies oo but time waits on no man. Thank you for this reminder 😊.

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